Snehil S Kulkarni

Snehil S Kulkarni

UI/UX Designer
I am UI/UX Designer. Designing is my passion and I love it the most.

The most amazing...

.... I have contributed money to help peoples in our colony and community and the distribution of food to the needed people.

Interest & Expertise

  • UX Design
  • User experience
  • User flow
  • Wireframe design


  • Currently pursuing the UX Certification by Google.


Asset Management of a company

Asset management is a project which keeps track of the assigned assets to the employees. Here I have contributed the new changes as required and updating the oldest versions. Worked on UX flows, wireframes, UI Design, and Prototype.

Transfer the data file

I have worked on application where user can transfer the files from location to another location via Internet and pro version which helps the user to create the groups and transfer the files.>- Worked on User Requirements, wireframes, UI Design, and Prototype i have worked on the Mobile version, Ipad Version, Web version.

Omega mobile app

This is an app that has Inbuilt multiple apps like Music, Calendar, Email, Movies Booking, Grocery Booking, Food booking, Flight Booking App>- I have contributed as a UI tester and fixing the UX Issues and Creating a better behavior.