Simranjit Singh

Software Engineer III
I love to explore and try new technologies, creative mindset and I am motivated and enthusiastic about building new things. Always striving for self-improvement. Mobile app development excites me the most.
React Native
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, Contributed to the development of some amazing Web and Mobile Apps in the course of my employment at GeekyAnts.
Interest & Expertise
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Learning about New Trends in Technology
  • Took part and got 1st position as a team of 6 in Geekyants internal hackathon. We built a full stack mobile application named CVBuddy which makes it easier for users to build a beautiful resume
  • Took part and got 3rd position in Hack-up hackathon in second year of my B.Tech. (Led a team of 4)
Backend Framework & Library
Frontend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,Java,C,TypeScript
Version Control
Project Management
VS Code
State Management
Testing Frameworks & Library
Jest,React Testing Library
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
Query Language
Dating App
Developed a full-stack React Native application that works for both Android and iOS. It involved every step required in development like authentication, database, storage, navigation, notifications, etc. The API server for the application was built using GraphQL and Apollo Server. The task was to develop a dating application where users can find new people and chat with them. The admin web dashboard was built using React.js used by admins for managing the users using the dating app.
Dating/Meeting Mobile App
Contributed to the development of a full stack React-Native app that allows the user to match with other users around to organize group parties and meet new people. They can rate each other and also chat with them using the app. This project was based on the dating theme app mentioned above.
Dashboard Web-App for a Ledger System App for Merchants
Contributed to the React.js web dashboard project for the mobile app. Users can view and manage the users, cities, merchants, and tasks using the web dashboard. The app provided solutions for merchants and shop owners for easier transactions and record keeping.
Fintech Mobile App for a Global Investment Firm
Contributed to the React-Native Mobile app. The app used Redux and Redux Saga for state management. The app was the advisor-focused robo for managing assets and goal-based investing.
Fintech Mobile App for an Indian Neo Banking App
Contributed to the React-Native Mobile app. The app uses XState for state management. The app provides all-in-one neo banking solutions to its users.
Stock trading mobile app
Contributed to the React-Native Mobile app. The app uses Redux and Redux Saga for state management. The demo app with real time stock graph for the prices of NSE listed stocks.
All-in-one Lifestyle, Planning and Communication Mobile App
Contributed to the React-Native Mobile app development. The app uses Redux and Redux Saga for state management. The application is an all-in-one social media platform. Provides features to connect with friends and family, share images/videos with them, stay in touch by texting or calling (audio and video), and plan calendar events. It allows having separate networks of people. And is also kids friendly with the features like age-specific and private posting.