Shubham Jadon

Shubham Jadon

Software Engineer
A full-stack developer with experience in React, React Native & NodeJS, passionate about developing Web apps & Mobile apps. I am dedicated to perfecting my craft by learning from more seasoned professionals, remaining humble, and continuously making strides to learn all that I can about development.

The most amazing...

.... A web application using ReactJs and NodeJs that mimics functionality of CodeSanbox of providing a virtual environment for users to code on the web with ability to see real time updates from server that are served without use of any bundler and are served directly through static files.

Interest & Expertise

  • Web Applications
  • Functional Programming
  • Clean Code
  • Web & Mobile Animations


  • Certificate of Appreciation by PyJaipur for mentoring students in the Summer of Algorithms Program.
  • Certificate of Completion by for successfully completing Crio Launch Program 2020.


Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js

Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, Material-UI


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript


MongoDB, PostgreSQL

State Management


Cloud Services



Almond - A Expense Tracker app to manage expenses.

A mobile application developed using React Native, Redux & Firebase to take account of all expenses of the user. Almond keeps account of all the spends and income gained and surfaces important information about spends, bills and tickets helping you make sense of where your money goes.

BasicCodeSandbox - Online IDE for Web Development Projects.

A web app developed using ReactJs & NodeJs to allow users to work on web development projects in the browser itself by providing them with a IDE & Preview of the application which the user is working on in the browser itself. The user can create basic web pages using html, css & javascript. All the user data is also saved automatically on the backend.