Shivraj Kumar

Associate Director of Engineering
I am an expert in creating result-driven web and mobile applications, excelling in all aspects of architectural design, coding, and testing, while skillfully crafting and executing innovative business logic through strategic planning and implementation.
React Native
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, contributed a lot as an open source contributor. I have also bridged a few native APIs and modules for React Native, video streaming players, ID scanners, and Bluetooth connectors for printers to name a few.
Interest & Expertise
  • Enterprise Mobile Apps
  • Dashboard Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Modular Development
  • Object-oriented Design
  • Agile Software Development
  • Clean, Modular, Robust, and Structured code
  • Love New Technologies
  • Cricket and Football
  • AI
  • Co-authored, a popular React Native UI library
  • Co-authored NativeBase Customizer, an editor to customize all NativeBase (v2.x) components visually with a friendly interface
Backend Framework & Library
Laravel, Node.js, Express.js, FeathersJs
MySQL, MongoDB
Frontend Framework & Library
React.js, Bootstrap, Material-UI, Tailwind CSS
Mobile Framework & Library
iOS Native (Objective C, Swift), React Native
HTML / CSS, JavaScript, PHP, TypeScript
Version Control
Git, GitLab, GitHub
Sublime Text, IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code
State Management
Redux, MobX, Zustand
Cloud Services
Firebase, AWS S3, AWS EC2 -instance
Heroku, Netlify, Vercel
A React Native application that has been designed to assist families and communities throughout the world to manage their lives and relationships in a safe, secure, and private environment online.
Tech Stacks: React Native, Native Base, Redux sentry, and react-native-video
Online Catering Services
A streamlined mobile app for booking professional chefs, tailored to your event. Browse, book, and enjoy unforgettable culinary experiences with ease.
Tech Stacks: React Native, GraphQL, NativeBase
Investment Management Admin Portal
A custom dashboard for creating market portfolios. And provides various configuration management from the application along with role-based access management, used to track our investments, financial goals, and savings.
Tech stacks: ReactJS, React Native, Redux, Redux-Saga.
E-commerce Mobile Application
E-commerce app to buy clothing and accessories with the options for users to upload and sell their own collections as well.
Tech stacks: React Native, Redux, Redux-Saga
A Connect Care Application
Connect care application for users to connect with doctors, nurses, or hospitals privately through a well-managed service for all kinds of care and staffing.
Tech stacks: React Native, TypeScript, Apollo Client Server, RN Paper
Feedback System Application
A Mobile application to modernize the performance review process by providing employees with an opportunity to set their goals and continuous feedback exchange with a real-time feedback platform.
Tech stacks: ReactJS, React Native, TypeScript, Redux-thunk, NativeBase, Laravel, MongoDB
Financial Management Application
An intuitive finance app designed to help users take control of their finances, manage expenses, create budgets, and make informed investments. Track spending, set savings goals, and grow wealth with personalized insights and recommendations.
Tech stacks: React Native, TypeScript, React Query, SWR
Mental Health Application
A social app that connects people in groups to help cope up with loses and mental issues and keep track of their wellness through moderators.
Tech stacks: React Native, TypeScript, Redux-thunk, NativeBase, FeatherJS, ReactJS
Health and Wellness Application
A comprehensive health and wellness app, offering personalized workout plans, nutrition guidance, and mental well-being resources. Track progress, set goals, and achieve a balanced, healthier lifestyle with ease.
Tech stacks: React Native, TypeScript, Redux-thunk, NativeBase, ExpressJS
Social Wager Application
A fun, engaging app for friendly wagers and video reels, showcasing exciting challenges and rewards. Create, share, and participate in wagers with friends, while enjoying a social, interactive experience.
Tech stacks: React Native, TypeScript, React Hooks, Firebase
Social Fundraising Application
A social fundraising platform, turning everyday purchases into impactful donations. Support your favorite nonprofits effortlessly by connecting your card, making purchases at participating merchants, and generating automatic contributions.
Tech stacks: React Native, React Native Web, TypeScript, Laravel
Social First Music Editing Application
A versatile research and discovery platform, providing access to diverse datasets, insightful analytics, and AI-driven tools. Empower your decision-making, explore trends, and uncover market opportunities with ease.
Tech stacks: React Native, ReactJS, AWS Amplify, NativeBase, AWS
Shortcut Management Application
An all-in-one productivity tool that transforms your clunky URLs & lengthy snippets into easy-to-remember shortcuts.
Tech stacks: React Native, Expo, GitHub Actions, EAS builds
Furniture and Decor Application
A stylish home furniture and décor app, offering a curated selection of quality products. Explore, visualize, and shop the latest trends to create your dream living space effortlessly.
Tech stacks: ReactJS, Google Analytics
Open Source project with more than 19,000+ stars on GitHub. Many mobile developers use NativeBase to ease their mobile app development and so we call it - "The missing piece of React Native!". It has 150k+ monthly downloads.
Tech Stacks: React, React Native
Online Pharmacy Application
An e-commerce mobile application where users can buy all kinds of medicines with prescriptions, subscribe to a package of medicines with reminders, and apply for lab tests online.
Tech Stacks: React Native, Redux, Redux Thunk