Shashwat S Koliwad

Shashwat S Koliwad

Software Engineer
Always looking for the next big thing! Full-stack developer with expertise in React, Redux. Working on Golang, Express on the backend. Also, trying to get more stars on my leetcode profile.

Interest & Expertise

  • Pretty much reading all the time(books, Reddit)
  • special interest in Psychology and Behavioral Economics


Backend Framework & Library

Express.js, Mongoose




JavaScript, Python, TypeScript

Version Control


Project Management

JIRA, Trello

Frontend Framework & Library


State Management

React + Redux, Redux Saga

Query Language









Web App

A web app for posting news, events using the MERN stack. I was mainly involved with integrating the React and Redux saga part of the application.

Resume Builder App

A simple resume builder application for users to log in and update the different fields of their resume.

Python microservices application

Python microservices application using RabbitMQ to update and display products with MySQL.

Animation Editor

Built an in-browser animation editor for creative AI ads startup. Developed core part of the product used by Enterprises. Solved engineering challenges like integrating fabrics with animejs, working with videos and shapes on the canvas creating a seamless user experience.

User Registration App

A typegraphql based user registration backend application using Postgres in the backend and Typeform.

E-commerce App

Worked on a massive e-commerce web application using typescript, express, and node js. Build 5 microservices used NATS streaming server as the communication channel between services. Handled concurrency issues.

News App

A financial news publishing website used various technologies like React, Node and Rails.

Parcel monitoring and printing Mobile App

Mobile app for users to monitor their parcels status, label printing, scanning barcodes, etc. Users can scan or enter their barcode to check its status and also print them from the store. Native programming has been used in this project for printing features in android and ios.

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