Sandeep Kumar

Software Engineer - II
A full-stack developer focused on front-end as well as back-end techs & loves to explore new things. I build web apps and have an inclination toward making exciting applications.
The Most Amazing...
....A Bookmarks app & Jacket design app.
Interest & Expertise
  • Learning New Technology
  • Backend & Server Side Management
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Backend Framework & Library
Node.js, Express.js
Frontend Framework & Library
Version Control
VS Code
Cloud Services
Firebase, Google API, AWS S3, Firestore
Eslint, Prettier
Postman, Insomnia
Slot Booking API’s
The APIs to book events with different time zones. GoLang, Gin, Gorm, MySql REST Api’s to book, check, update and delete a slot by managing different Time Zones.
This is a bank service where we will provide API for basic bank functionalities. Basic functionalities:- Create and manage bank accounts, which are composed of the owner's name, balance, and currency. Record all balance changes to each of the accounts. So every time some money is added to or subtracted from the account, an account entry record will be created. Perform a money transfer between 2 accounts. This should happen within a transaction so that either both accounts’ balances are updated successfully or none of them are. In this service, I have used Docker for containerization and Kubernetes for Deployment. Integrated Github actions on every push operation for testing purposes and deployment.
Email-services API’s
This API has been made by using Gin, a GoLang framework, and MySQL as a Database. Users can register themselves and then they can send mails to anyone with a decided template(Hermes template). Also implemented WebSocket( for a real-time chat application.
Bookmark’s App
A place where you can store your essential URLs. React, Material-UI, Firebase, ContextApi Bookmark URL can be fed and saved/stored. Bookmark URLs can be edited and updated. Used Firebase Functions for authentication. Used Firebase Real-time database to store the data. Used HOC for authorization (Admin page).
MERN Instagram Clone
A social media app. React, ExpressJs, MongoDB, NodeJs, Material-UI, ContextApi Fully CRUD Instagram clone. Registration of users, create and delete the post Like and comment on posts. Follow and unfollow the other users.