Saima Afroz

Software Engineer - II
I am a full stack web developer. I am an enthusiastic learner and keep my energy high to give my best output.
Full Stack Developer
Node JS
feathers js
express js
The Most Amazing...
....I believe starting with iOS development (SWIFT Language ) was the most challenging and enthusiastic kick start for my career.
Interest & Expertise
  • I just love spending my holidays doing art and craft and calligraphy and I am trying to learn arabic calligraphy.
Backend Framework & Library
Node.js, Express.js
HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Swift
CSS pre-processor
Frontend Framework & Library
JQuery, Bootstrap, Material-UI
Payment gateway project
It is an application involving executing and management of transactions done by a certain company through a payment gateway.
Medical Application - Management of patient records.
It is an application where patients health records and regular checkup status are being managed.
Security Application - Security of confidential documents
It is an application where we can save our IDs, confidential documents or any contract relation lengthy documents digitally. And needed we can share there documents for a specific span of time with full security.