Rudra Pratap Singh

Lead UI/UX Designer
Six years of designing digital products to improve human life and wealth. Expertise in building digital products with user-friendly UX that facilitates human contact and aids businesses in achieving their objectives.
UX Research
Visual communication
Interaction design
Graphic design
Responsive design
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, I have created the first version of the Nativebase design library for the sketch app.
Interest & Expertise
  • Designing interfaces for different devices (Like Smartwatch, Vehicle OS)
  • Solving Real Life Problems
  • I Love to Play Games
  • I also Love to Explore New Places
  • Pursuing Google UX Design Professional Certificate.
Design Tools
Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe After effects, Adobe XD, Figma, Design System
User Interface Design
Balsamiq, Invision, UI/UX
Prototyping, Wireframing
Interaction design
Graphic Design
UI Design
Design Thinking
Logo Design
Asset Management Dashboard for Railway
We have worked on the Asset Management Web Dashboard for a Railway Giant. The platform is made for building a monitoring system for trains that would help maintain hardware in real time.
As a part of the UI/UX process, the team on-call designed login screens and the UI for the application. This involved creation of Access suites, Asset summaries UI, and the basic layout of the app to provide an enhanced experience to the user.
Platform: Web dashboard, Mobile Application.
Dating App
Extending the experience of the biggest dating app in the region to a mobile app using state-of-the-art technology and expanding their user base multifold.
An online dating platform with an app to let members look for a partner or friendship. This platform will help you to find compatibility based on your location, interests, and other preferences.
While the initial plan was to base the designs on the web version, the experts of the design team suggested otherwise and created a fresh look along with designs for forty individual screens during the design phase.
Platform: Mobile App
E-commerce Web App
It's North America's biggest bag-making company, which has ventured into making insulated bags of the top-most quality. Their products are also environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable and reusable. We have designed a fresh web look to enhance their ideas.
Platform: Web
Parcel Collection System
A parcel collection system to promote ease of access in delivery and distribution. The idea of the app is to send, receive, and returns the parcel using a digital QR system with easy tracking.
Web-based Solution for Offline Ecosystem
We have created a web-based solution for various stakeholders in the offline ecosystem to ensure the adoption of financial services, and physical touchpoints on the ground. My role as a designer was to Research and Analysis the requirements. Prepare the wireframes and designs a system for the product.
Platform: Web dashboard, Mobile Application
Sports Management and Training Tool
I have worked on redesigning the existing web platform and responsive designs. The Platform is based on sports management. Admin can analyze the Organizations' total teams and the players and their engagement. And a training tool management for the different organizations. A user can schedule the training, View the player report, Impact analytics, etc.
My role as a designer was to work on the Visual designs and the responsive designs for different platforms.
Platform: Web dashboard, Mobile Application
Time Management Planner for Students
Time Management Apps For the school Students and for the parents. The parents get a mail with the daily task from the teacher, and based on the same information parent needs to schedule all the assignments for their child using the app.
The student app gives you a calendar in which you can track your upcoming assignments, exams, projects, and other important events, as well as a homework widget where you can sync your assignments and receive reminders for when they’re due
Platform: Web dashboard, Mobile Application
Safety and Alert Platform
Cera is a safety app that provides real-time safety alerts of incidents happening near you, updates on any incident or protests, and knows if you are near a dangerous incident. Plus, 24/7 access to a trained Protect Agent who can help whenever you feel unsafe. Using this app admin can make a security fence to their organization and add connected people with the app.
Platform: Web dashboard, Mobile Application
Sales Tracker
The app is for internal-based solution apps for their employees. Using the app they are able to track upcoming meetings, Customer accounts, Explore the events calendar, and Check all kinds of alerts. We worked on the research and based on the research inputs we created visuals for mobile and web platforms.
Platform: Mobile Applications, Web Applications
A Food Solution App
This platform is for hiring chefs for a private dining experience at your home. Dinner can search the chefs based on the location and their preferred cuisine. Dinner can book the chef and chat with them. Other hand chef can create their portfolio. Chef can manage and schedule their bookings.
Platform: Web dashboard, Mobile Application
Home Services
A marketplace that offers home installation, maintenance, and repair Services.
1. Hirers can explore helpers or post a custom job.
2. Helpers can accept jobs for their hourly rate and review custom jobs posted by hirers based on their availability.
3. A hirer can become a helper and vice-versa if required with a single tap. Platform : Platform: Mobile application
Soccer Game - SME
It's a blockchain-based soccer game where there are three users- Agents, Managers, and Traders. Managers run a club. Agents negotiate with club managers for player wages and contract length and set players' morale. Traders buy, sell and hold shares in clubs and players. The client requirement included designing screens for the web, mobile app, and tab app in both dark and light themes.
Platform: Web, Mobile app, Mobile Web Responsive, Tablet Responsive, Tablet App
The app was created for medicine and music for Veterans who have combat-related amputations. The app uses music and audio to help amputees lessen the pain and discomfort of walking with a prosthetic leg. Users listen to music when they walk, but the sound becomes distorted when their gait is uneven. Once the user's gait gets back on track, so does the music.
Platform: Mobile app, Tablet App
Band Connect
The app was created for medicine and music for Veterans who have combat-related amputations. The app uses music and audio to help amputees lessen the pain and discomfort of walking with a prosthetic leg. Users listen to music when they walk, but the sound becomes distorted when their gait is uneven. Once the user's gait gets back on track, so does the music.
Platform : Mobile app, Tablet App
AI Bot and a Fact-Checking Editorial Platform
The client is a benefit corporation that is creating technological tools to address the misinformation crisis. In today’s world, information flow, if not regulated, causes widespread chaos and confusion, reduces trust, and leaves the system open to exploitation. The benefit corporation is founded on the idea that while smart regulatory reform may solve a part of this problem, market forces can also push things in the right direction.
Looking forward to scaling up their website, our client wanted a single source of truth for all designs. The team working on the project was required to be efficient in analyzing and improving the project. They had to keep in mind standard design guidelines while maintaining design consistency on every platform.
Platform:Mobile App, Web App