Rohini T

Software Developer Engineer in Test- II
Being a tester in the Software Industry, it is a big responsibility to make the application stable and finding bugs will be the primary goal. And I always believe in finding bugs should not be limited and never accept the application is bug-free, always keen to break the application and never say ‘yes’ until and unless satisfied with the testing.
API Testing
Manual Testing
Automation Testing
The Most Amazing...
....thing that I have done, got an appreciation for the first time from the client in the Geek for the Tenant app
Interest & Expertise
  • Non - Functional testing
  • Automation testing
  • Backend Testing (GraphQL)
Version Control
Project Management
JIRA, Trello
Testing Tools
Other Skills
Agile Planning
Cloud Services
Open Source project with more than 13,100+ stars on Github. Many mobile developers use NativeBase to ease their mobile app development and so we call it - "The missing piece of React Native!". It has 150k+ monthly downloads.
Tenant App
FrontEnd - It is a mobile application, it is distributed between the Landlord and Tenant where it stores the documents, and shares the Messages/Events/Surveys/Paying Rent.
BackEnd (node .js) - Wrote testcases on the API collection and there were 9 services, and used mongoDB for the data storage.
Technology used - React Native, MongoDB, Node.js Manual and Backend Testing
Product Survey App
It is a Survey app where the user can rate the products after completing their shopping. It is a Mobile and Web application.
Technologies used to build this app React Native - Manual Testing.
Art blog and review App
It is an Art Gallery app where the user can rate the art, and every art user can see the art author details and art collections of the authors. It is an iOS mobile app.
Tech stacks used React Native - Manual Testing.
Tutorial App
It is a learning app for the students, where the admin can create the questions in a number of slides. I worked on components like radio/buttons/checkboxes/tooltip/images in the slides. It is a Web application.
Tech stacks used - ReactNative - Manual Testing.
Football Application
In this Application, the user can be a manager/player/normal user. The user receives complete data from the backend and can perform only a few write mode functionalities like canceling the order for club/player and buy/sell shares for club and player. It is used in multiple platforms like Web/Tab/Mobile.
Technology used to build this application - Flutter - Manual Testing