Rishabh Sharma

Rishabh Sharma

Software Engineer
I am passionate about learning new technologies and building applications from the scratch .With Problem Solving and analytical mindset I always strive to build projects with utmost granular details.

The most amazing...

.... Conducted and delivered a technical workshop on Git versioning and Vs code when I was in University. During my Internship at GeekyAnts , I hosted and moderated a club meeting on the topic ‘Mental Health during Work From home’ .

Interest & Expertise

  • Learning new technologies
  • Mobile App Development
  • Backend Development



MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Backend Framework & Library



JavaScript, C++, TypeScript, Dart

Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub

Project Management


Mobile Framework & Library



VS Code

State Management


Cloud Services

Firebase, aws



Frontend Framework & Library





Healthcare App

Worked on an IOT healthcare application in Flutter. The application utilizes sensors to evaluate and analyze the health of patients. Followed by the modular approach for development, I created the responsive screens and some very complex custom widgets with Flutter and integrated the backend services to them. Also worked on Flutter web as well with Navigator 2.0.

Twitter Clone

Built a Twitter look-alike cross-platform application with Flutter and Firebase. Used Fire-Store and Authentication services of the Firebase. A Pool of users were built on the Firebase database who were able to do the tweet, like it, comment it in real-time. The project learnings were focused on building a beautiful Ui integrated with the Firebase services.

Messenger Gradient Project (Research Project)

Tried to replicate Facebook’s new gradient theme on messaging bubbles. I was able to crack and build the same effect with Flutter. I wrote a technical blog on the same which captured the attention of the Flutter community at a global level.

Mfund-Market App

Developed a full-stack Flutter application that works for both Android and iOS. The application included the functionalities like OTP Authentication, Database Storage, navigation, and Data visualization. The server was built with Nodejs, Express and for the Rest APIs testing purpose, Postman was used. The main objective of the task was to provide different money investment options to the user.