Software Engineer
A full-stack developer focused on front-end as well as back-end techs & loves to explore new things.

The most amazing...

.... created A Community Discussion Platform that enable users to create their own communities and share their ideas.

Interest & Expertise

  • Learning New Technology
  • Backend & Server Side Management
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Data Structure
  • Cricket enthusiast


Backend Framework & Library

Laravel, Node.js, Express.js


MySQL, MongoDB

Frontend Framework & Library


Mobile Framework & Library

React Native


JavaScript, TypeScript

Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub

Project Management

JIRA, Trello


VS Code

State Management

Redux, MobX



Cloud Services


Query Language



Geekyants Website

The admin portal of the GeekyAnts website that handles the users, projects, tech-talks, tech-events, testimonials. Technologies used for the backend is Laravel.

Expense Tracking App

Banking API to financial analytics to build software that makes saving money easy. It is built on Expressjs, GraphQL, MySQL.

Utility Service Provider Mobile Application

A mobile IOS/Android mobile application for managing the service accounts like electricity, water and gas for payment and adding new services for the user using React Native CLI and state management by Redux and Redux-Saga.

An App To Improve Effectiveness of HealthCare Organisation

Organisation Management API’s that keep track of patient-focused initiatives by individual team, the contribution of an individual with each organization having some objective to achieve using Express.js, MySQL.

Community Discussion Platform

This project is a platform for creating communities where registered users can follow and become active members in communities in these communities they discuss new ideas and manage their users. The whole project was on node.js (express.js) using EJS template engine for the front end with MongoDB for the database.