Raja Jain

Raja Jain

Software Engineer
I'm a geek who loves challenging & exciting projects. I'm a self-motivated and hardworking professional who believes in smart work. I have worked on various projects which require expertise in mobile app development. I have worked on mobile using Flutter.

The most amazing...

.... Wrote SDK using dart ffi for voice recognition.

Interest & Expertise

  • Mobile and Backend technologies




Mobile Framework & Library


Cloud Services



Carbon Footprint tracker

Hybrid application to track carbon emission for an individual. A cross-platform mobile application developed using flutter to keep real-time carbon footprint track and offsetting carbon footprints.

B2B Delivery App

Hybrid application to track delivery orders. Description: A cross-platform mobile application using Flutter and GraphQL for delivery boys to take orders and to keep track and manage their jobs for delivering products to businesses related to opticals.

Cars Dealing App

Hybrid Application to buy and sell new/used cars. Description: A cross-platform mobile app to buy a car the right way, by shopping for used cars and new car models or buy used cars or find new cars for sale that are perfect for you, all in one convenient car buying tool! Car finder helps you buy a car in your area with classifieds and car locations available anywhere, at any time. You can also buy cars at dealerships near you, share new car models with your friends, and get alerts when new car classifieds, matching your criteria, become available.

Super App

An application that provides everything you need. Description: A Flutter-based Mobile App having multi-domain service features such as Email, Weather, Music, Food, Cab, News, Alarm, and Instant Messaging integrated into one app with voice command functionalities like Google Assistant.