Raghav Sekhri

Software Engineer
Passionate about learning new technologies. Loves to work on Mobile and Web Development and making people's lives simpler.
The Most Amazing...
....I have organized a National Level 2-Day non-stop Hackathon having more than 500 participants when I was in college.
Interest & Expertise
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Learning new Technologies
  • Problem Solving
Backend Framework & Library
Frontend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,Java,C++
Version Control
Project Management
VS Code
State Management
Cloud Services
Firebase,MongoDB Atlas
User Interface Design
React Bootstrap
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
XCode,Android Studio
Crowd Funding App
A mobile app (IOS and android) that enables users to raise funds online for different causes such as medical emergencies and other social causes. A user can create a campaign after signing up and invite people to it. While creating a campaign a user can add a video and write a description using the in-app editor.
Technologies used are React Native, Redux, and REST APIs.
Fundraising App
An app for editing data and provide some functionality for fundraising campaigns. This app aims better for the organizers. The tech stack used in this project is react native, firebase, redux-saga. I have worked on promoting the campaign feature where I have worked on Facebook SDK, sharing campaigns to different social media platforms, and UI designing.
Todo APP
A project where a user can store some tasks and also have the ability to mark them as completed, pending and active. I have done this project for both Web and Mobile Platform. Tech Stack used were React, React Native, Hooks, Redux, NodeJs, Express, MongoDB Atlas.
Evenetbrite Clone App
An app where people can see events going nearby them and all around the world and can attend those events. In this project, I have used react native, redux, feathers, and MongoDB Atlas as the tech stack. This project consists of events happening around the world. A user can join those events and also can create its own events. This app has many features like adding events to a wishlist, creating an event, creating its own group to make a category for such events, editing a created event, and many more.