Probin Johori

Senior UI/UX Designer
I am a human centred designer focused on solving various problem throughout the process of making a modern application. With strong knowledge and deep understanding of the design principles, I focus on creating a creative and easy flowing products.
Adobe XD
Adobe After Effect
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe PremierPro
Cinema 4D.
The Most Amazing...
....Creating a social media app focusing on to retain a simple flowing structure throughout its existence.
Interest & Expertise
  • Traveling
  • Photography
Design Tools
Sketch,Adobe Photoshop,Adobe illustrator,Adobe XD
User Interface Design
App for sending scheduled greeting
It is a Greeting app where users can send greeting cards which can include videos, images, stickers and even money. The greetings can be scheduled to be delivered on a particular date. It also allows the users to make groups so a greeting can be sent collectively by a group of people.
Logistic tracking app
A prototype to manage the logistics of the delivery tracking system. This included a driver/handler app to assign the delivery to different people in the company and a manager app to track the status of all deliveries.
Sound based mobile payment platform
A sound-based mobile payment platform, harnessing sound energy to create powerful and intuitive experiences between people and devices. Users can download the mobile app and connect it to a hardware device present in stores, pick a tone (or ping) from it to make payments similar to how we scan QR codes. The only difference is the usage of sound instead of QR code or phone number. We developed the application for it with minimalist design and enhanced user experience to make payments easy for users. It also had features like wallet top-up, electricity and other bill payments and loan facilities by KYC doc uploading.
A React Native application that has been designed to assist families and communities throughout the world to manage their lives and relationships in a safe, secure and private environment online. It is built with React Native, Native Base, Redux sentry, and react-native-video allow the user to view posted videos within the app.
Geek Speaks
Designs of Social Media
Designs of Social Media
The Designs of Social Media" by Probin Johori from our team. The talk covers the following: - Phone usage around different users. - Humans and their relation to cellphone - Role of designers and developers - Time well spent