Prince Mittal

Software Engineer
A Full Stack Developer working extensively with React and React Native. I love challenges and working with new technologies.
The Most Amazing...
....I have worked on an OCR app functionality which required creating custom native modules using an Android SDK and iOS Framework and bridge them for the usage in react native.
Interest & Expertise
  • Data structure and Algorithms
  • Problem-solving
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
Backend Framework & Library
Frontend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,Java,C,C++,TypeScript
RealTime Communication Library
Version Control
Project Management
CSS pre-processor
VS Code
State Management
MobX,Redux Saga
Cloud Services
Testing Frameworks & Library
Testing Tools
XCode,Android Studio,Postman,Chai
A web application built using MERN stack for real-time communication using It includes features like two-factor authentication, designed email for OTP verification, profile section, friend requests send and receive, one-to-one chat, and group chats.
Fitness App Theme
React Native Fitness App Theme that offers ready-to-use screens to build any fitness app. One can create his own app & can easily track workout sessions, manage workout goals.
Community-Based Forum
A web application built using MERN stack where users can be divided into multiple groups or communities based on their choices and users can ask questions and other users can answer them upvote or downvote the questions. It also includes features like authentication, community-based questions filtration.
Utility Service Provider Mobile App
An IOS/Android mobile application for managing the service accounts like electricity, water, and gas for payment and adding new services for the user using React Native CLI and state management by Redux and Redux-Saga.
Survey and Rewards App
An IOS/Android mobile application for getting customer feedback using the surveys and rewarding points based on that. Created a native module for scanning the receipts and also fetching data from the online ecom store in react-native and state management using Redux and Redux-Saga.
Graphic Display Web App
A React web app created for displaying the implementation of electrical circuits using customized widgets on a canvas. Implemented functionality like grouping elements, creating generic elements, import and export elements as well as complete displays. Also implemented element expressions on UI for adding custom logic based on the API value and done the state management via MobX.