Pradeep S

Pradeep S

Senior Business Analyst
High energy Business Analyst, passionate about working hand-in-hand with developers & stakeholders to produce requirements and specifications that accurately reflect business needs and are technologically achievable.

Interest & Expertise

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Customer Interaction
  • Video Game Enthusiast
  • Avid Reader of Comics & Mangas


  • Certification on Business Intelligence in Tech Mahindra


Digital news publishing website

A responsive Web app used for content viewing of Indian business and financial news and the latest stock data. Description: A news website that focuses on showcasing content published via a CMS platform. The project involved the development of new features, fixing bugs on existing features, handling Adhoc requests as well as maintenance and support. My roles and responsibilities were: Requirement gathering and analysis. Provide effort estimations for the features to be worked upon. Test out the features developed on testing server and beta before deployment onto prod. Resolve bugs, platform and content related issues. Manage Ad requests to be published onto the website. Collaborate with various teams from the client side such as: Marketing Team – For basic business function of the website. Marketing team dictates the list of priorities. Editorial Team – For Stock Markets page information on the website. Advertising Team – For implementing Advertisements on the website. Accestype – For calibrating the Subscription Engine on the website. Voucherify – For tweaking Coupons and coupon codes on the website. Rajorpay – For implementing Recurring payments on the website. Justpay – For implementing One time payment on the website. Markets Mojo – To Populate Stock data on the website. Datalicious – To implement Custom Analytics on every page and CTA of the website.

Wind Turbine monitoring application

The project revolves around maintenance of the wind turbines for the windfarms setup across Europe by monitoring the health of the different components within the turbine via sensors, reporting defects and raising work orders to inspect the defects and fix them. This was a project focused on testing out the web app built by the client where we had to analyse the end to end flow of all functionalities for various user types. This involved Manual and Automation testing. My roles and responsibilities were: Collaborating between the client and the testing team. Demoing the observed issues within the webapp. Manual testing and testcase preparation. Reviewing the automation test script results. Conducting review sessions between the stakeholders.

Project portal - Internal webapp

Internal company dashboard for the Account management team to keep track of clients, projects and resources engaged. This portal is used internally to manage the clients and the projects in terms of engagement, billing, reporting issues, and view all necessary details.

Rewards and recognition portal - Internal webapp

Internal portal built for employees to recognise and reward their peers with whom they have worked with to show their appreciation for their help, hard work and improvement in skills. This helps the employees to be motivated and keep outdoing themselves in their career with the amount of positive energy that is being shared by everyone.

Call centre responsive web app

A responsive web app for customer support agents to initiate CTI and help support and resolve all queries raised by customers who use various devices such as SIM, phone, TV, fibre network, etc for a specific brand in the Indian market. I am involved as a Scrum master.

Emerge - POS Delivery management System for sales managers and Delivery partners.

This is an order management system built on Salesforce which is used mainly by Sales Managers to place orders for POS items for beverage industries which would be received by the warehouse team and accordingly shipped to their respective wholesale and retail stores in the US. Everything from setting up the users, the POS inventory, managing available stock in the warehouse, placing orders, and tracking them post-shipment was handled by the application. The project involved development and administration along with maintenance and support. My roles and responsibilities were: Requirement gathering, Business process mapping, Wireframing, Documenting User stories and business rules, Collaborating with the development team. Testing the features on a local testing server from an end user perspective. Testing the impact of new features on existing functionalities. - Impact Analysis, Demoing the developed features to client and gaining approval. Deploy into production and testing. Providing support and maintenance of the product.

Alumni connect mobile app - A networking platform for Alumni

Mobile app built on iOS and android focused on networking for the alumni of an organization across the globe.

Product Survey App

The mobile app along with an Admin dashboard built for product purchase and survey along with a gamification system to allow users to earn points through the survey and use these points to redeem rewards.


Engineering in Electronics & Communication

NMIT - Bengaluru, India

2012 - 2016