Ponikar Darshan Janardan

Software Engineer
A Full Stack Developer, experienced in building MVP products mainly in the JavaScript ecosystem. Focussed on the quality of the product and curious to learn how a particular technology works under the hood. Always tries to make the fundamentals strong with cutting-edge technologies. An enthusiast who loves to explore new technologies, writing blogs and sharing knowledge.
Full Stack Developer
React Native
The Most Amazing...
....thing that I have done, secret crush is a dating application that I developed in college. It has all the dating app services like real-time notifications, chat messaging with web sockets, and customized profiles and is deployed to the real world. It was a great experience for me as I had developed it all by myself (design + development).
Interest & Expertise
  • Tech Talks
  • Writing Blogs
  • Personality development
  • Public Speaking
  • I have organized a virtual event called NXT. Tech to spread awareness about Full Stack Development.
Backend Framework & Library
Node.js,AWS Lambda
State Management
Redux,Redux Saga,Redux (with Saga and Thunk)
Cloud Services
Testing Frameworks & Library
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
Query Language
Frontend Framework & Library
Music Learning App
A music learning platform where everyone can use this application to learn music. Teachers can set up some tasks for them and students complete them. It’s a full-stack application which is built using react-native, react (CRA), and Firebase cloud functions.
Tech Stack: React Native, Figma, Firebase Authentication, Firebase Firestore.
Movies App
This app is a community-driven platform for binge-watchers. Users can explore more about their favorite sitcoms and movies. A favorite moment of the episode, favorite lyrics and movie scenes. Share with the world, and make friends who have the same taste as yours. In this app, we can post a thread about your favorite series and submit reviews.
Tech Stack: React Native, Figma, Firebase Authentication, Firebase Firestore.
Internet Banking App
An app where users can manage their bank related tasks like managing bank statements, keeping track of bank accounts, credit/debit card etc. Also start with a financial journey like investing in SIPs, tutorials for how to get started and certified quiz to keep track of Learning progress. Along with government regulations like onboarding users with the KYC process.
Tech Stack: React Native
Fitness App
An app where you can find a nearby fitness club and start your workout journey. Along with tutorials for exercises like chest, leg, back, etc. New challenges come everyday to challenge yourself. A complete app to take care of your fitness.
Tech Stack: React Native, Figma
Geek Speaks
Rethinking React Native Architecture
Rethinking React Native Architecture
React Native usually uses the bridge architecture to enable the native code to interact with the JavaScript code. JSI (JavaScript Interface) stands to totally eliminate the need for a bridge. In this episode of GeekSpeak, Darshan Ponikar, Software Engineer - I, GeekyAnts, talks about JSI, it;'s advantages over the bridge architecture, and explains its implications for the devs.