Pawan Kumar Seth

Software Engineer
A technology enthusiast who is always giving his best to make software that is going to make lives easier for humans. I have been building mobile applications and currently aiming to be a generalist by exploring new tech to challenge myself to be a better version of myself every day.
React Native
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, Built a model called Indian Sign Language for interaction between normal people and D&M people. A language barrier is created as a sign language structure that is different from normal text. So they depend on vision-based communication for interaction.
Interest & Expertise
  • Mobile App Development
  • Writing Scalable Code
  • Architecturing app code design
  • Love new technologies
  • Trying to learn new things
  • Chess
  • Certificate of Excellence for completing the Machine Learning Course at Coding Ninjas
  • Certificate of Excellence for completing Data Structure in C++ at Coding Ninjas
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,C++
Version Control
Project Management
State Management
Redux,Context API
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
XCode,Android Studio,Figma
Hotel Booking App
A hotel booking-based service that allows users to book hotels and experiences (like treks or other activities ) at various locations in India. Users can also order food from the respective hotel, in which the user is staying.
Tech Stacks: React Native, spring boot.
Social Media App
A free photo and video-sharing app available on iPhone and Android. People can upload photos or videos to our service and share them with their followers or with a select group of friends. They can also view, comment, and like posts shared by their friends on this app.
Tech Stacks: React Native, Firebase, Redux, Xcode