Manni Sharma

Manni Sharma

Trainee Software Engineer
I am a Full Stack Developer with a passion for developing innovative applications and Programs that expedite efficiency and effectiveness. Well-versed in technology and Writing code to create reliable and user-friendly applications. Confident communicator, Strategic thinker, and innovative creator to develop software/applications to meet a Company’s organizational needs.

The most amazing...

.... I’ve Created a tic-tac-toe game using React Native.

Interest & Expertise

  • Full-Stack Development
  • Learning new technologies


  • Participated in Octa-Hacks 2.0 organised by DSC-CUIET
  • Worked as an Event Organiser in Rangrezz 2019.


Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js

Frontend Framework & Library



HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Java



Version Control


CSS pre-processor



VS Code

State Management

Redux, Redux Saga

Cloud Services




It's a react application with the options to save a bookmark url in a particular folder and we can add multiple tags to a particular bookmark. And a preview is available for each bookmark with its title, description and image. Tech Stack: React JS, Scss, Firebase, Redux, Redux-Saga.

Medium Clone

It is a clone of where a user can write blogs, like or comment on other user’s blogs. So the login is designed with the help of firebase if a user is not signed in he/she is not allowed to perform certain actions. After successful sign-up the user is redirected to the all-blogs page and there itself is the option to create a new blog. The user can perform crud operations on the blogs created by the user. Also there Is the functionality of adding comments and performing like on particular blogs. Tech Stack: Firebase, React JS, Scss, Html.


Tic-tac-toe is a two player game (one of them being your computer program). The two players take turns putting marks on a 3x3 board. The player who first gets 3 of his/her marks in a row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) wins the game, and the other loses the game. Tech Stack: React Native.