Lokesh Dangi

Lokesh Dangi

Software Engineer
Quick learner, technology enthusiast leveraging javascript to build mobile and web apps. A determined individual with an objective to work in a challenging and dynamic environment. In my leisure time, you can find me experimenting with Arduino or trying to build something that intrigues me.

The most amazing...

... Built a home automation system using ESP8266. Also, customization and Encryption/decryption of push notifications at the Native layer for iOS and Android

Interest & Expertise

  • IoT
  • Automation
  • Mobile Application
  • Data scraping and parsing


  • NCC Grade A Certification




Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js, FeathersJs

Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, Next.js

Mobile Framework & Library

React Native


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Python, TypeScript

Version Control

Git, GitHub, Bitbucket

Project Management

JIRA, Trello


VS Code

State Management

Redux, MobX, MST

User Interface Design


Cloud Services





XCode, Android Studio


Flutter Learn Dashboard

A React app using Firebase used to manage user data and content available on the FlutterLearn website.

HealthCare App

A React Native app that allows the user to Interact with mental health specialists and other peers facing the same issue. This app also monitors user actions in order to keep track of their recovery and also allows you to have one to one conversation as well as group discussions with the authorised person. The main tech stacks used are React Native and FeatherJS.

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