Kuldeep K Srivastava

Kuldeep K Srivastava

Software Engineer
A full-stack developer focused on back-end as well as front-end techs & loves to explore new things.

The most amazing...

... A web app project which decentralizes the KYC process using Ethereum blockchain thus reducing the cost by n times ( n = number of banks ) and securing the sensitive KYC data in an immutable ledger.

Interest & Expertise

  • Backend
  • Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Mobile User Interface
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Data Structure, Algorithms & Mathematics
  • Challenging Competitive Problem-Solving


  • Selected among 78 students in Rajasthan Student Start-up Exposure to Silicon Valley, USA (National)
  • Selected for Summer Internship at IIT - Bombay in MHRD KITE TEQIP Programme (National)
  • Winner in college-level website design competition WEB MANIA (college level)


Backend Framework & Library

Laravel, Node.js, Express.js

Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, VueJS, Wordpress

Mobile Framework & Library

React Native


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python

Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub

Project Management

JIRA, Trello

User Interface Design


State Management


Blockchain Technology





KYC using Blockchain Project

A platform where several banks can form a federated group and the KYC done within one bank for a particular user can be used across all the associated banks in the group. This way users will not have to for the KYC process for each bank. The main aim is to reduce the KYC cost and also secure the KYC data in an immutable form.

Car Subscription Platform

A web app that helps to let car dealers launch their vehicles for subscription service. This is a car subscription app that allows users to subscribe to cars using a subscription model which includes the cost of registration, insurance, servicing, and depreciation.

Mobile Dating App

A React Native mobile app to provide dating service. Users can register themselves on this app and then find the most matching profile on the basis of their profile based on a questionnaire. AI algorithms are being used for matching functionality.

Quiz App

An app to provide quizzes that have a hard deadline in terms of completion. This uses the reward and penalty concept to incentivize users for their progress.

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