Kanike Kalyan Kumar

Software Engineer - III
Experienced Javascript Front-End Developer with a keen interest in taking on complex challenges. Programming enthusiast.
React Native
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, Implemented unique features Pickup and Drop & Buy Anything in one of my projects, with the help of the Pickup and Drop option, a user can send anything from one location to another, and with the Buy Anything option, the user can buy anything from a particular shop within a limited range of distance. Implemented these features with the help of google maps API.
Interest & Expertise
  • Web Development
  • Writing Scalable Code
  • Love New Technologies
  • Problem Solving
  • Reading Books
  • Browsing
  • Got first prize in National Level Hackathon on Web Development conducted by JNTU Anantapur
Backend Framework & Library
Frontend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,Python
Version Control
State Management
Cloud Services
Firebase,Cloud Firestore,Firebase Storage,Firebase Messaging
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
Query Language
Visual Studio Code,Sublime,Web Storm
Will Creation App
Will Creation app is a web application to create a user's individual will. This product is designed with the help of lawyers and estate planning experts, this tool is designed to guide you through the process of creating your will in a more streamlined, modular fashion so you can get started today. The main theme of this application is to build the Legal Will of any User to give support to their families in the form of Properties the user personally have.
Role: I’ve completely worked on the front-end side of the application.
Tech Stack- React Js, Redux Toolkit(Redux Saga), GraphQL (to interact with API)
Manpower Group
Manpower Group belongs to the recruitment domain. I’ve worked as a Configuration Consultant in the Manpower Group. After that, I worked on customization (field and page interaction) of fields using javascript according to client requirements. Certified SWE in Manpower Group.
Role: Configuration Consultant.
Tech Stack: Javascript
Food & Grocery Ordering App
This is an e-commerce app and on-demand service provider and it's live in Anantapur. Implemented modern features like payments, pickup and drop, and by anything. Added user authentication with a mobile number, and CRUD operations on each and every product. And also integrated Google Maps for live tracking of food as well as in the vendor app.
This app gave me a chance to understand how the whole food delivery system works. Also, implemented a dashboard for the admin to manage all the items and vendors and delivery boys' info. Admin is able to manage all the vendors and delivery boys. Configured notifications for the apps, implemented using firebase push notifications.
Role: I’ve mostly worked on the frontend side of the entire application and used a firestorm database to manage data.
Tech Stack- React Js, React Native, Redux, Firebase.
Home Foods eCommerce App
This is an e-commerce app, which delivers fresh pickles, pulses, and powders. Implemented features such as cart and online payments were included.
Contains two apps: A user web app and an admin panel for the owner to manage products. Implemented a dashboard for admin to manage all of his products. Admin is able to add, edit and delete the products.
Role: Developed pixel-perfect UI based on the screens given by the designer and implemented functionalities as per the client's requirements.
Tech Stack- React Js, Redux, Firebase.
Food Ordering System
This project is an e-commerce application and food ordering app, which includes a lot of features like an add-to-cart, online payments, and add to favorites. User Authentication with Gmail and Facebook authentication integration were included.
Role: Worked on everything from the scratch, developed all the UI screens and implemented all the features, and used firebase to store and manipulate data.
Tech Stack- React Js, Redux, Firebase.