Jaideep Ghosh

Jaideep Ghosh

Software Engineer
A Full Stack Developer skilled in Nodejs, PHP, Magento, Laravel, and Exploring Angular, React, React-Native along with FeathersJS.


Backend Framework & Library

Laravel, Node.js, Express.js, FeathersJs


MySQL, MongoDB, HTML5 Web Storage, Elastic Search

Mobile Framework & Library

React Native


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Frontend Framework & Library

Angular 2+, React

User Interface Design



Restaurant Management System

A web-based solution which enables the feature to manage the restaurants as well as their catalog which can be accessible to the customers 24×7. It also helps to avoid the long queues at the billing counters and enables managing multiple orders at the same time. It's a restaurant marketplace, where restaurants can register and sell showcase their catalog to generate orders.

Fintech Project

A fintech solution belongs to a London based company, which guides the customer towards mortgage saving. The backend of the application was developed using FeathersJS, and mysql. For Job Queues we used AWS sqs, and lambda for processing the queued jobs.

Task Force Management App

A task-force management app for an Indian Company. Developed in moleculerjs by following the one-database-per-service to provide higher scalability and high availability of services. For managing the data, we’ve used mysql and mongodb. For Job Queues, we have used aws SQS, and for processing the jobs, worker service provided by moleculerjs is implemented. It involves role based access to various services and their actions.

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