AI & ML Developers

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning softwares have become an important part of data analysis and strategy for businesses today. With GeekyAnts as your AI & ML development company, tap into the future and build superior apps with our expert AI software developers and top notch AI & ML development services.

What is AI/ML?

Artificial intelligence refers to a digital computers’ or a computer-controlled robot's ability to mimic actual human capabilities. AI development in a project is aimed at creating systems with human-like cognitive abilities, such as the ability to reason, discern meaning, generalise, and learn from experience.

Modern AI is categorised into General AI, that helps in planning, decision making, identifying objects, recognising sounds, social & business transactions and Applied AI that is used in driverless/ autonomous cars or machines that smartly trade stocks.

AI/ML will be used to build the following

Recommendation Systems
Facial Recognition Systems
Image classification systems
Object Detection Systems
Spam classifier
Speech to text and Text to speech systems

Hire expert AI & ML developers from GeekyAnts for building

Video Analytics Solutions
Data Visualisation
NLP Solutions
Computer Vision Solutions
Predictive systems

Why is AI/ML Important for business?

By deploying the right Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, you can take your business to the next level with stellar outcomes.

By automating and improving common procedures and tasks, you can save time and money, boost productivity and efficiency in your operations, use the results of cognitive technologies to make faster business decisions like Demand Forecasting, Inventory Optimisation and more.

AI/ML can help effectively use data to predict client preferences and provide a more personalised experience. Effective implementation of AI/ML systems can avoid 'Human error' and can help Identify and maximise sales possibilities to improve revenue and ROI.

We, as a leading Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning software development company in USA and India with 16+ years of experience in the industry, don’t just bring solutions to the table. We also bring finesse and quality in our work that has been appreciated globally by our many partners and has enabled us to deliver future-ready solutions for them.

Frontend Store / State Management
TensorFlow is an open source library predominantly used for developing machine learning applications, it helps in advanced-level implementation of various ML algorithms in Python.
Pytorch is an open source Machine learning framework primarily developed by Facebook's Ai research lab. It is based on torch framework and is widely used for the development of Computer vision and NLP applications.
Keras is an open source neural network library that provides python interface. It acts as an interface for tensorflow library and supports multiple backends.
Sci-kit learn is an opensource machine learning library which features numerous machine learning algorithms for regression, classification and clustering.
Tesseract is a platform for optical character recognition (OCR) that is free and open source. OCR extracts text from photos and documents that don't include a text layer and saves it as a new searchable text file, PDF, or a variety of other formats.
OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a programming library focused mostly on real-time computer vision.The OpenCV library includes bindings for a variety of languages, including: Python, Java, C++, Javascript.
Dlib is a C++-based open source suite of apps and libraries. Dlib covers a wide range of machine learning topics, including classification and regression, numerical algorithms like quadratic programme solvers, a variety of image processing tools, and a plethora of networking features, among other aspects.
PyCaret is a Python-based open source low-code machine learning library that aims to decrease the hypothesis-to-insights cycle time in ML experiments. It enables data scientists to conduct end-to-end experiments in a timely and effective manner.
H2O AutoML
H2O AutoML streamlines the process of applying machine learning to real-world problems. It facilitates all of the processes required to solve business problems by lowering the complexity of developing, testing, and deploying machine learning frameworks, resulting in increased productivity.
Rasa is a framework for creating industrial-grade chatbots driven by AI. It's quite powerful, and developers all over the world use it to build chatbots and contextual assistants.
spaCy is a Python NLP library that is free and open source. It is written in Cython and is intended for use in the development of information extraction and natural language understanding systems. It is designed for production use and has a simplistic and user-friendly API.
NLTK is a Python toolbox for working with natural language processing (NLP). It offers us with a large number of test datasets for various text processing libraries. NLTK can be used to execute a variety of tasks such as tokenizing, parse tree visualisation, and so on
Data Mining Tools
Weka is an open source software package that includes tools for data preprocessing, the implementation of numerous Machine Learning algorithms, and visualisation tools, allowing you to create machine learning techniques and apply it to real data mining problems.
Orange is an open source data visualisation and analysis application that uses visual programming or Python scripting to mine data. Machine learning components, bioinformatics and text mining add-ons, and data analytics features are all included in the tool.
R is a computer language and environment for statistical computation, data analysis, and scientific research. It is one of the most widely used programming languages for retrieving, cleaning, analysing, visualising, and depicting data by statisticians, data analysts, researchers, and marketers.
Cloud Platforms
Azure ML studio
Azure ML studio Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio is a collaborative, drag-and-drop tool for developing, testing, and deploying predictive analytics solutions based on user data.
AWS Sage maker
Amazon SageMaker is a service on AWS cloud platform that allows developers to design and train machine learning models for predictive or analytical applications.
Google Cloud
Google Cloud is a set of Google Cloud Computing services. The platform offers a variety of services such as computation, storage, networking, Big Data, and many others, all of which are run on the same infrastructure that Google employs internally for its end customers such as Google Search and YouTube.
Deployment Tools
MLflow is an open-source framework for managing the machine learning lifecycle, encompassing experimentation, reproducibility, deployment, and a central model registry." It is one of the most widely used open-source machine learning and data science tools.
Kubeflow is used for the deployment of Machine Learning (ML) models & workflows on Kubernetes.
Torch serve
Torch serve is a deployment tool for easy and flexible deployment of Pytorch models into production.
Cortex is an open-source platform that helps in deployment of trained machine learning models in production as a web service.


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