Hasnen Fakir Tai

Senior Software Engineer - II
I am a highly skilled Senior Flutter developer with a wealth of experience in developing mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. I have an exceptional track record of creating high-quality, user-friendly apps that meet clients' needs.
In addition to my technical expertise, I am also a core contributor to the Flutter Framework and actively contribute to the development and maintenance of open-source packages on the Flutter pub.dev platform.
Aside from my work, I am passionate about community building and regularly participate in community events and activities related to the Flutter ecosystem. My dedication to craft and commitment to making a positive impact on the Flutter community make me an invaluable member of the development community.
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, being a Core Contributor to the Flutter Framework
I have demonstrated technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and a passion for software development. I collaborated with other developers to solve complex challenges, contributing to the improvement and innovation of the framework. My contributions to the Flutter community include sharing my knowledge, ideas, and expertise, and I remain committed to ongoing learning and professional growth.
Interest & Expertise
  • Mobile App Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • API Development
  • Love New Technologies
  • Social Contributions
  • Content Creation
  • Video Editing
  • Cricket
  • Flutter Hackathon 2020 - Ranked 20th position World Wide
  • Ranked 20th position in the Flutter Hackathon 2020, demonstrating technical skills and creative problem-solving abilities
  • Collaborated with other developers to create innovative and engaging mobile applications
  • Showcased a passion for software development and a dedication to the craft
  • Developed technical skills and knowledge by participating in the hackathon, learning from other participants and industry experts
  • Contributed to the Flutter community by sharing knowledge, ideas, and expertise
  • Recognized for achievements in the Flutter Hackathon 2020, which will be a valuable addition to the professional portfolio and a testament to the commitment to excellence in software development
MySQL, MongoDB
Backend Framework & Library
Frontend Framework & Library
React.js, Bootstrap, Material-UI, Tailwind CSS
HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Java, Dart
Version Control
Git, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket
Mobile Framework & Library
Sublime Text, IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code
User Interface Design
Cloud Services
Firebase, AWS S3, Supabase, AWS EC2 -instance
XCode, Android Studio
Heroku, Netlify, Vercel
State Management
Provider, Riverpod, BLOC
Express, Next.js
Shell Script
I developed a Face Filter App for a client that was published as an NPM package. The app was designed to utilize Android Native capabilities, with the camera and filter rendering done entirely on the Android Native side.
To enable the integration with React Native, I used the React Native Bridge to expose the app as React Native Components. Additionally, I wrote custom business logic that allowed the app to receive and stream chats along with the filter using an IVS custom server.
This project demonstrated my ability to leverage multiple technologies and platforms to create a robust, fully-functional app that met the client's requirements. It also showcased my proficiency in using React Native and Android Native technologies together to deliver an exceptional user experience.
Tech Stacks: React Native, Android, AWS IVS, AWS S3 Bucket, AWS EC2 Instance, Redux, HTML, CSS, TailwindCSS, Material UI.
I developed a customizable Gauge package that provides a visual representation of values within a defined range. To ensure high standards of quality and functionality, I implemented a golden testing approach that involved running tests to compare the output of the package to a previously approved "golden" output.
I also incorporated a CI/CD pipeline to automate the testing and deployment of new versions of the package, reducing the risk of errors or bugs making it into the live environment. The Gauge package can be easily integrated into any web or mobile application and delivers a reliable and flexible gauge component.
Tech Stacks: Flutter Package, CI/CD, Dart, Golden Test, Github Project, Git
Flutter Package for NativeBase
I created a Flutter package that utilizes the popular NativeBase design system for building beautiful and responsive user interfaces in Flutter applications. The package includes a range of customizable widgets that make it easy to incorporate NativeBase components into any Flutter project.
Using the NativeBase design system ensures consistency and a professional look and feel across the entire application, while also streamlining the development process. The package is easy to install and use, with clear documentation and examples provided.
By leveraging the power of Flutter and the NativeBase design system, this package provides a simple and efficient way to create beautiful and responsive user interfaces that are tailored to the needs of any project.
Tech Stacks: Flutter Package, CI/CD, Dart, Golden Test, Github Project, Git
I created an Open Source tool that can efficiently convert React Native code to Flutter widgets. This tool is designed to help developers easily migrate their applications from React Native to Flutter while minimizing the need for manual code rewrites.
The tool uses a conversion algorithm that maps React Native code to Flutter widget equivalents, taking into account common code patterns and design conventions. It is highly customizable, with options to tweak the conversion process based on specific needs and preferences.
By automating the conversion process, this tool can save developers time and resources, allowing them to focus on other aspects of the migration process. The resulting Flutter widgets are optimized for performance and provide a seamless user experience across different platforms.
Overall, this tool offers a practical and effective solution for developers looking to migrate their applications from React Native to Flutter, making the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.
Tech Stacks: Typescript, ReactJs, npm, GitHub, Git, Html, CSS, Vercel