Harshita Gupta

UI & UX Designer
I have an experience of 1 year in this industry and joined as UI/UX designer In Geekyants for the last 9 months. I have a background in Architecture and Interior design. Since always been passionate about User interfaces and have experience designing in the technical world I started exploring product designing and developed the skill set to become one. Being from a Design Background helped me to understand this field in a better manner.
Design System
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done was Learn, Unlearn and relearn while switching my career from architecture to UI/UX designer. I am a self-taught designer and I find quite similarities in both professions as per my previous educational background. I believe design thinking can solve most problems. I engaged myself with various courses and BootCamp created my portfolio and also started compiling my Design Journey on Medium.
Interest & Expertise
  • Solving real life problems
  • Love to explore new places
  • Learn new things and also write about it
  • Like to create and sell online handmade and digital Illustrations
Design Tools
Adobe illustrator,Adobe XD,Photoshop,Design System,User Experience design,Adobe Indesign
User Interface Design
Figma,Interaction design,User Interface Design
UX Design
User Research
Other Skills
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Project Management
In House Ecommerce Grocery App/Website Design
This is Geekyant's In-house product where we are creating templates and screens for the different categories in the industry, I particularly worked in the grocery industry, so clients can use these premade screens for their app/website by just changing the content. This project was initiated to make the process simple for clients and they don't need to start from scratch by using these screens.
Platform: Mobile App, Web
Carrier Site and Management website (Robust Website Builder)
This is a programmatic job advertising platform. Their requirement was for their new product MOJO solution, where they want to create a platform for other industries to create their own carrier site. Our work was to create a
1.Widgets and templates majorly for three industries - Health, Technology, and Insurance . for Mobile and web both.
2.Creating a Site Editor screen where users can edit these widgets and templates as per their requirements.
3. Creating a CMS ( Content management screens ), The content management screens have to be created for four different users .i:e - User(client /candidate), Recruiter, Admin, and Super Admin.
Platform: Website design
Furniture and Home Decor
A furniture and home decor online Store. Our role was to create their whole design system from scratch. Using that Design System we have to Redesign the whole website. The requirements were divided into two phases.
Phase 1 - Creating Design system. From Foundation to creating each Component.
Phase 2- Recreating Site in 5 BREAKPOINTS - Desktop, Laptop, Tablet Landscape, Tablet Portrait, and Mobile.
Platform: App and Website
Online Renting and Selling Property Portal
A property booking application. This is a real estate management product for all brokers and builders. This product allows the user to navigate from scheduling site visits to finalizing an agreement on a property from builders.
Platform: App and Website
Geek Speaks
Affordances and Signifiers
Affordances and Signifiers
When designing any product, be it physical or digital, affordances play a major role in enabling the users to use the product, the way it was intended to, without any instructions. And signifiers, help make the affordances prominent enough for the users to not miss them. In this episode of GeekSpeak, Rati and Harshita talk about affordances and signifiers and explain their significance in the final product's UI/UX.