Godwin VC

Godwin VC

Engineering Manager
I have the proven ability to apply analytical, critical thinking, and creative thinking skills, to come up with the best solution for any technical issues during web development. With 7+ years of working in roles of freelancer, individual contributor and leading teams in frontend technologies, I am able to design, code, review team’s code and also guide teams to adopt best practices and deliver code with minimal bugs.

The most amazing...

.... building a react native library for a team that wanted to use it across the Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV and Web to build a Netflix like layout that involved building a complex EPG layout with 100s of rows and columns in addition to other things like ShowCard with Filmstrip.

Interest & Expertise

  • Performant Cross Platform Apps
  • Progressive and single Page Web Application
  • Javascript design patterns
  • Reactive Programming
  • Technical Leadership



MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, Elastic Search

Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js, Spring Boot based microservices


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Swift, Java, TypeScript

Frontend Framework & Library

AngularJS, Angular 2+, VueJS

Version Control

Git, GitHub


VS Code, IntelliJ

State Management

Redux, MobX

Project Management


Cloud Services



Video Consumption App

This App is similar to NetFlix, and was developed for Android & Android TV, Apple and Apple TV. React Native Video player was written to bridge the usage of native player on iOS and Exoplayer on Android. The App was integrated with 3rd Party service providers like DRMs, Ad service providers and other SDKs for example for analytics

Winga App

This PWA Application offers free Ads, followed by a quiz on Ads consumed, and winning points that in turn can be redeemed via Wallet, or Vouchers. The Front End Tech stack was based on React and backend in nodeJS and express. It was tested primarily on mobile devices - both iOS and Android.


A Gym and Nutrition usage App developed using React Native, involves maintaining a calorie and nutrition diary, and personalized lesson from coaches available on the app. Advanced animations were used as per the requirement of the client. Backend development using node and express and redux for state management.


A React Native Component Library that will enable to generate ShowCards (like movie posters) and EPG (Programming guide available on TVs). It was tested on Android & Android TV, iOS and Apple TV. The Library components were developed with an emphasis on the ability to customize it as per App requirements and for performance. To make the app performant, react native bridge was used especially for scrolling thousands of rows & columns on both iOS & Android clients

Angular App - GDBase

Angular 8 Based Learning management system (SPA) with Node and Express. It Involves uploading multiple video / HTML 5 interactions based on online courses offered by clients. It had multiple modules involving user management flow, handling of courses with the flexibility to add/modify/update chapters, and the ability to handle both video and text-based content.

HTML CSS (Bootstrap) and jQuery based projects

Multiple examples of the HTML & CSS and JQuery based websites developed:

Angular JS Based Sites

Here are some example of websites developed using Angular