Gayathri Devi Srinivasan

Gayathri Devi Srinivasan

Software Engineer
I am an enthusiastic coder interested in learning new things and exploring new domains. I am passionate about building mobile applications and contributing to open source.

The most amazing...

.... thing I have created is a Flutter based application for the terrace gardeners community to promote gardening.

Interest & Expertise

  • Technical writing and taking online sessions
  • Open source contribution
  • Learn and explore new technologies
  • Write optimized and clean code


  • Google DSC Campus club lead (2019-2020)
  • Got selected to Publish my project in Rural Innovators Conclave 2019 organised by Ministry of Rural Development and Research in NIRDPR, Hyderabad
  • Got Student project of year award 2018 for Automatic station announcement and display system from IEAE AWARDS.
  • Received Special Recognition Certificate from Hackathon 1.0 at N.S.Raghavan center for entrepreneurial learning, IIM,Bangalore.
  • Won Award for Popularity in Mozilla FFY Video Contest conducted worldwide.


Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js

Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, Bootstrap 4


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Dart

Version Control

Git, GitLab

Mobile Framework & Library



Sublime Text, VS Code

User Interface Design


Cloud Services


State Management

Mobx, Provider


File Sharing app

Developed a file-sharing app to transfer files between multiple users in which I have managed to code UI screens and native code things.

Native code implementation

Worked on converting react js code to implement the same through flutter SDK.

Doctor Consultation App

Developed a doctor consultation app through which both doctor and patient are able to communicate and it was completely developed with flutter and firebase.

Event Booking app - UI Kit

Developed a Flutter based mobile application UI kit to book tickets for the event.

E-commerce app - UI kit

Developed a Flutter based mobile application UI kit for selling fruits and vegetables online.

Terrace Gardening App

Developed a Flutter based mobile application which provides options to users to buy (Consumer) and sell (Floor gardener) chemical free vegetables and fruits to people and find a floor gardener location, contact details and view images of fields.

Taxi Booking app theme

Developed Taxi Booking App Theme which is a time saving UI theme for iOS & Android with all essential screens to build taxi booking apps similar to Ola/Uber.