Gaurabh Chakraborty

QA Lead
A tech enthusiast, multi-talented, committed, and seasoned who created, implemented, and maintained over 50+ Servers used for various purposes. With 9+ years of experience as a Tech Lead, possesses in-depth experience in conducting effective requirement gathering by understanding the business logic prior to delivering results that Save clients millions of dollars.

Adept at designing frameworks from scratch, developing automation scripts in a continuous integration environment, and also conducting NFR Testing. Highly skilled at coordinating with multiple stakeholders to accurately conduct project scoping & deliver them within the deadlines.
React Native
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, I have successfully run an organization(FIT.ONE) being the Founder and CEO I have got to learn every single aspect of running a startup which includes Business, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Tech, and Customer service.
Interest & Expertise
  • Web/ Mobile app testing + development
  • Building the complete architecture of the project along with defining the SOW, Deliverables, and also the estimates
  • Building multiple services as required on the go
  • Writing Scalable Code
  • Making good use of SOLID principles
  • R&D on the latest technologies
  • Learning new technologies every single day
  • Open Source contribution
  • Represented India in Bodybuilding competitions in the years 2018-2019 where in I secured 2nd and 4th place respectively
  • LIMCABOOK OF RECORDS for the most number of pull-ups in a minute was registered under my name in the year 2013
  • I have been awarded the best employee of the year multiple times
Backend Framework & Library
Laravel, Microservices, Node, Hasura, REST
MySQL, MongoDB, GCP, cosmosDB, Postgres DB, realmdb
Mobile Framework & Library
Android Native (Java), Flutter
HTML / CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java
Version Control
GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket
Project Management
JIRA, Scrum Methodology, Task Prioritisation, Agile Testing, Reporting, Test Planning, Team Management, Effort Estimation, Risk Management
Cloud Services
Firebase, Azure, Firestore, aws, Private cloud platforms, Mentis, Bugzilla, linear
Testing Frameworks & Library
Mocha, Jest
Testing Tools
Selenium, JMeter, K6, Loadrunner, Detox, XCUITest, Robolytics, JUNIT
Angular, Django
Query Language
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Docker, Dockerhub, Portainer
Kubernetes, CircleCI
Frontend Framework & Library
React, Vue, socketio
Grafana + InfluxDB, Prometheus, Custom build dashboards
Device Farm
OpenSTF, BrowserStack, Firebase Test Lab, AWS Device Farm, Headspin
Crashlytics, LeakCanary, Facebook Stetho, Flipper, Twilio, SendGrid, Mailchimp
Proxy Tools
Charles Proxy, Fiddler, Postman, mitmproxy, AT&T ARO, Webbrowser Devtools, Trepn Snapdragon Profiler, Perfetto, AGI, ADB commands
Queuing Services
RabbitMQ, kafka, mqtt
Tech Skills
Building up and leading the Testing Team which includes successfully delivering close to 25 projects within 10 months of time in Geekyants., Defining the scope of testing within the context of each release/delivery., Deploying and managing resources for testing., Applying the appropriate test measurements and metrics in the product and the Testing Team., Planning, deploying and managing the testing effort for any given engagement.
Alert Management
Uptime Kuma + Slack + email integration
A platform to manage online consultations with doctors. Architected, planned, and improved the component-based structure for the application. Reduce the development time and improve performance using dynamic & shareable components and dynamic imports.
A Connect Care Application
Connect care application for users to connect with doctors, nurses, or hospitals privately through a well-managed service for all kinds of care and staffing.
Tech stacks used are React Native, TypeScript, and Apollo Client Server.
A PWA that helps users book rooms. Users can chat with AI assistants to specify all their requirements. AI gathers all user information and finds the best suitable hotels for users. Technologies used: React js, bootstrap, Redux Saga, Redux Offline. A new service is implemented to handle HTTP calls on the client side. Service providers also facilitate offline support and client-side caching.
Organization's Order Management System
A web app that serves as an interface to handle a huge chunk of orders from customers.
Tech used: Reactjs, React Redux, Redux-, Redux Form.
Other tools used: d3 js
Geek Speaks
Mobile App Instrumentation
Mobile App Instrumentation
With a majority of users using mobile as their primary device, to browse the internet, the need for mobile applications to perform well is now more than ever. In this GeekSpeak session, Gaurabh talks about the various factors that are important to mobile apps, how they affect the performance of the apps and what can be done to fix those, for a delightful experience.