Eshu Kumar

Eshu Kumar

Software Engineer
FullStack Web Developer who follows the first principles to solve a problem.

The most amazing...

.... I have created a route optimizer for finding the best-optimized path among different points to minimize the traveled path

Interest & Expertise

  • Web application design
  • Single page applications
  • Intuitive design
  • Learning new technologies


Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js


HTML / CSS, TypeScript

Frontend Framework & Library

Angular 2+, Bootstrap 4



Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket

CSS pre-processor



VS Code

Cloud Services


State Management

React + MobX, Redux (with Saga and Thunk)


Widget Making Application

It is a web-app in which we create a dashboard to visualize data. For creating dashboard we are providing many different widgets, which we can drag and drop in the dashboard. Widgets can be configured with an API call, from where we hydrate the widget with the incoming API data. We can also configure the widget according to our fit.

Technologies Used: React, Typescript, Highcharts, Fabric.

A B2B Eyewear Ordering System

A React.js SPA built to order eyewear. It is built with Mobx, react-intl for localization and Webpack 4 to generate multiple builds based on a custom theme and component requirements. It allows users to design the shape of their eyewear with a component based on Raphael.js

Order Tracking App

This app is intended for eye care professionals to track orders within the organisation. It gives the ability to search for orders and track the movement of orders in the system. It is built using React-Native, Redux, Redux-Saga, AWS Notification Service(SNS), I18n.