Dripta Mukherjee

Senior Scrum Master
Highly performing, strategic-thinking project professional with 4+ years of experience working across IT, Banking, and Computer Software industries. Skilled at managing all levels of large-scale and small-scale projects, including administration and resource handling. Able to manage stakeholder expectations and experience by taking full responsibility for project deliveries.
Project Management
Stakeholder Management
Scrum Master
Agile Methodology
The Most Amazing...
....To work on the product roadmap and deliverables of a Client Lifecycle Management Application for a large enterprise.
Interest & Expertise
  • Team Management.
  • Conflict Management.
  • Project Planning.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.
  • Won the Star Performer Award for the Client Lifecycle Management Project.
Project Management
JIRA, Trello, Remedy, Sharepoint, Confluence, Microsoft Project
Design Tools
Adobe XD, Figma, Miro
Azure DevOps
A Super App
An Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) platform built to be contextual and proactive, providing businesses the tools to develop human-like conversational experiences to perform tasks like shopping for groceries, sending emails, booking hotels/flights/Cab, reading news, listening to music, and maintaining an overall synchronization in one's lifestyle.
I was responsible for continuously reviewing the business needs, refining the priority tasks, outlining milestones & deliverables, and also identifying risks and opportunities. Worked with cross-functional teams and various stakeholders, including analytics, design/user experience, engineering, and user enablement.
Client Lifecycle Management Application
This application was mainly developed to handle the entire client lifecycle of a new customer in a bank. Before this application was put to use, the entire Client Due Diligence of a new customer, who was being physically or digitally onboarded, used to take about 2-3 business days. This application helps in clearing the CDD process in about 5 hours and a lot of time and resources for both parties.
Daily Task and Schedule Reminder Application
It is a collaborative app with the goal of saving time and increasing productivity with on-site and virtual events. The event team will log in to the app prior to the event and set up their profiles, task list, schedule, etc., and can continue editing throughout the duration of the event.
I was responsible for the team’s tasks and help out when needed, knowing what each person is doing so you can locate them at on-site events, ping a group or one person during the event, receive task reminder notifications, and call any of your team, volunteers, and/or meeting contacts directly from the app without adding their numbers to your phone.