Dripta Mukherjee

Dripta Mukherjee

Business Analyst
Born and bred in Delhi, I’m still getting used to people being nice to me. Having said that, I’m an Engineer and a bibliophile, in the process of becoming a human. I can usually be seen with a book or doodling in a diary. It’s not because I don’t have anything to do, it’s because I am busy pretending that I do. And yes, I am a Business Analyst, which means you’ll probably need me to solve your business problems. I love to accumulate requirements and help shape a project.

The most amazing...

.... Created a banking application that catered to and could support Client Due Diligence for 1.3 billion customers in a matter of a few minutes.

Interest & Expertise

  • I’m trained in Hindustani classical music.
  • An aspiring dancer and painter.


  • I received the Star Performer award for the banking application.


Client Due diligence and mobile banking app

An application that can successfully onboard a new customer as well as initiate and completes their client due diligence by validating the necessary documents given by customers. Once onboarded, the customers would then access their accounts through the same application for mobile banking.

Real-Estate platform for properties

An application that can onboard different sellers and would allow them to list their properties and houses. The application would first validate the properties by sending an agent to the location. The customers will then be able to select from these listings a property they can buy or rent.

Food Delivery Application

An application that would allow users to browse through the menu of various restaurants and select the dish of their choice to be delivered fresh from the restaurant.