Deepakk Vignesh JM

Software Engineer - III
A Frontend Developer with industrial experience in developing Web and Mobile Applications using Ember.js, Svelte.js, capacitor.js and cordova.js and a team player with a can-do attitude coupled with the ability to transform problems into working business solutions using Web Technologies and Motivation to learn new things, Looking Forward to be an full stack developer.
Frontend Development
SPA and PWA Development
Hybrid Mobile Application Development
The Most Amazing...
....The Development of Hybrid Bundle Release Management to which I contributed more than 70% in both planning and development. I planned and documented the whole workflow of the application in both backend and frontend for different types of users including the relational database schema after which i developed the whole frontend for the application from scratch.
Interest & Expertise
  • Web Development
  • PWA and Web App
  • Team Building
  • Building Cross platform Mobile Apps
  • Writing Clean and readable code
  • A Certificate for 100% attendance during my 1st year of college
  • A Certificate for being department topper on Programming and Data Structures II paper during my 3rd semester
  • Received achievers certificate for two consecutive years for winning 5 intra-college coding contests and 10 inter-college Coding competitions during my 2nd and 3rd year in college.
Frontend Framework & Library
React.js, Svelte
Hybrid Bundle Release Manager
A Release Management Portal for Hybrid Bundles(HTML, CSS, Javascript Payload) which allows application developers to build, release and manage the bundles by versioning, targeting and automating the process from build to release.Technologies: Svelte.js, Capacitor.js. My Contribution: Planned and created a detailed workflow for the application by using user stories, design documents and series of reviews. Designed the relational database by using the finalized workflow. Designed and Developed the whole frontend using svelte.js by developing a mock server. Communicated and collaborated with other team members during daily status meetings to ensure that team members are aware of all updates.
Hybrid Mobile Application For Creating and Managing Notes
A support application for the conference tracking system using AI that allows users who visit the conference in person to add and store notes or pictures which will be processed by the AI to generate keywords and map the note to search and access in future. Technologies: Svelte.js, Capacitor.js, Cordova.js My Contribution: Converted the given design to an working solution within the planned period. I was the only front-end developer in the hybrid mobile application team that was formed.
Survey Management Portal
A large Scale Survey Management platform that allows the market research team to create and deploy surveys by adding multiple questions of 30+ question types with support for assigning users and campaigning the surveys. Technologies Used: Ember.js, Cake.php My Contribution: Worked on the Backlog tasks that were remaining in the project initially. Developed Frontend Solutions for Minor Enhancements by collaborating with back-end developers. Minor Enhancements include importing questions from a json document, revamp and customization of fraudulent identification system, development of new survey type and bug fixes.