Deeksha Mehta

Software Engineer
I am always fascinated to learn new things and believe in exploring the potential and always encourage people towards development so as to create better technology solutions.
Frontend Web
Mobile Development
The Most Amazing...
....thing that I have done, designed the barcode scanning library for Android using Zxing.
Interest & Expertise
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX development
  • Achieved consolation prize in debate competition held in the university.
Backend Framework & Library
Frontend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,JavaScript
Version Control
Project Management
User Interface Design
Material Design
VS Code
State Management
Cloud Services
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native,Native Android
Query Language
Doctors Appointment Scheduling Web application
A responsive web application that helps to schedule appointments with doctors according to their available time slots on a particular date and keeps a record of the booked appointments.
It was built using React and Node.Js as a backend framework.
Dashboard for managing orders
This is a web application used for managing orders, bids, quotations, etc. It was built using React and AWS-amplify as a backend framework.
It uses Material UI along with redux, and saga.
Product Showcase application
It’s a react native application that is built using Auth0 for authentication and authorization. It uses NodeJs along with MongoDB for the backend tech stack.
Parcel monitoring and printing Labels Mobile Application
A React-native app designed to facilitate courier and parcel pickup for customers in the comfort of their smartphones so that they can track their goods and collect them at their convenience.
It has been built with React Native, and React-Native-Camera to scan barcodes and print labels for zebra printers using Native bridging for Android & iOS.
Mobile Application for handling different accounts
A React-native app designed to facilitate payments for different accounts. It has the feature to schedule recurring payments using saved as well as new cards.
It uses AFD to get the address of the user for billing.