Debjyoti Mohapatra

Senior Software Engineer - I
Full stack Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Vue.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Tailwind CSS ,Quasar Framework, Node, Nest js,GraphQl, PostgreSQL and various JavaScript Libraries. Passionate about learning new technologies.
Quasar Framework
The Most Amazing...
....Developed an UI Library that can be used with traditional coding or with no-code platform. Making a detailed and dynamic invoicing with spreadsheets
Interest & Expertise
  • Develop web applications with beautiful user interface
  • Neural networks and its applications
  • Learning new technologies
MySQL, PostgreSQL
Backend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS, JavaScript
Version Control
Git, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket
Project Management
VS Code
Frontend Framework & Library
VueJS, Tailwind
Query Language
Market Analysis and Digital Idea transformation Application
A market Analysing Tool for manufacturing Industry. Where they can compare different products with by selecting an primary product (i.e your product or product resembling your product) and will get ideas where your product is lacking and how it can be improved, later the user will set roadmap how to improve product by sharing idea with team and experts and constantly getting report of current state. Tool & Technologies: Frontend – JavaScript, Vue.js, Quasar framework, J Spreadsheet, Excel.js pptgen js, E-charts, Plotly ,sortablejs, Backend- node, feathersVuex, Database - MongoDb. Role & Descriptions - Frontend Developer, responsible for developing the frontend of application majorly 2 modules,(i.e input and comparison , and setting up idea roadmap) and the charts and report .
A Sales CRM
A Sales CRM for Valve and service Industries, where you can keep track of accounts proposal , maintain quarterly data for updated price , sales statistics , create various templates for proposal invoice submission etc. Tool & Technologies: Frontend – JavaScript, Vue.js, Quasar framework, J Spreadsheet, Excel.js pptgen.js, sheet.js, sortable.js, jspdf, Backend- Node js, Nest js, Database - PostgreSQL, API - GraphQL, Rest Role & Descriptions: Application Developer, Responsible for end to end development and maintenance of different modules.
Development of a no code platform
A no code Platform for developing web and Mobile applications by just designing the components and defining the architecture and schema of the application in the form of flowcharts. All the operation is done based on the Yaml data generated by each components, no code snippet is saved for later use Tool & Technologies:- Frontend – JavaScript, Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, Custom UILibrary, Backend- Golang, Database - PostgreSQL, API - GraphQL, Rest. Role & Descriptions :- Frontend Developer, responsible for designing & developing UI Library , UI for page designer, architecture designer and form designer and integrating UI components with it . (most of the components are headless and renderless)