Debabrata Bhattacharjee

Debabrata Bhattacharjee

Software Engineer
A person with willingness to learn new things and work in a challenging environment and also keep learning new and fun things on the way (boring stuff is also accepted as long as they are mind numbing).

Interest & Expertise

  • Web Development
  • Backend Technologies




Frontend Framework & Library

Bootstrap, Next.js, React


Investment Management Portal for Agents

This project is built using React JS. The website is primarily for agents who have the knowledge of investments in various types of funds and with this website they can enroll customers , purchase funds for them and redeem the market value. This is a one-stop solution for any investment query. The technologies used here are: React, Redux, Redux Form, Saga

GraphQL Project

This project is mainly a documentation website where anyone can learn how to use GraphQL using Dgraph. The website was built using React, HTML, and CSS. I was mainly responsible for the implementation of The front end part and also implementing the state management and also Algolia search etc.

E-commerce App

This project is built using Shopify. The website is like any other e-commerce website and provides all the functionality of an e-commerce website. I was responsible for implementing the map functionality for locations of the stores and product personalizer etc.

TripAdvisor like Travel App

The project is a Progressive Web Application and is built using the React framework with Redux Saga. In this project, a user can book hotels based on the details provided by the user at the beginning of the booking process. This application provides suggestions of places that the user can visit based on his/her interests. I was responsible for the implementation of a few features such as google maps create a new trip etc.