Das Nishant Gour

Das Nishant Gour

Software Engineer
I have a keen interest and like to build web and mobile applications and recently I am trying my hands on Typescript. I have attended quite a few of the hackathons during my college time and continue to learn and grow.

The most amazing...

.... Built bots as a part of hackathon team to detect foul language. Took a hat-trick in a cricket match.

Interest & Expertise

  • Watching anime, Finance(stock market in particular).


  • 1st Runner up in Hackathon, where we built bots to detect toxic comments for social media platforms.


Version Control


Mobile Framework & Library


Cloud Services


State Management

React + Redux, Redux Saga

Frontend Framework & Library



Chat Application

A one to one chat application. adding contacts using email address Hosted using Vercel, used a serverless function to trigger user creation. Tech stack used are react, firebase, chatengine.io, Semantic UI, Vercel

Note taking application

Creating, updating and deleting a note. Note gets autosaved using debouncing. Tech stack used are react, firebase and react-quill text editor