Chivte Krishna

Software Engineer - I
I am Chivte Krishna a software engineer, who constantly seeks out innovative solutions to everyday problems. Responsible for developing visually appealing sites that are optimized and are easy to navigate. I've honed my analytical thinking and collaboration skills, and I love working with a team. Passionate about working with UI challenges and animations.
The Most Amazing...
....App Smith clone was the challenging one. My portfolio site homepage is an amazing thing I have done.
Interest & Expertise
  • I Love to code and solve problems . Participate in coding challenges.
  • Data structures and algorithms certificate from coursera and hacker rank.
  • ML and AI certificate from coursera
  • 3 star coder at codechef.
  • 4 star coder at hackerrank
Backend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,Python,TypeScript
Version Control
VS Code
State Management
Redux,MobX,Redux (with Saga and Thunk)
Cloud Services
Frontend Framework & Library
Appsmith clone
It's a project which can be used to make Apps. Description: Here in this project we can create an app using the widgets that are required for the app to build. From the widget's box, we can drag and drop the widget on the app page. The widgets can be modified and placed according to the user’s wish like changing the color, border, text, shadow, etc. After making the desired changes we can deploy the app. Here login and logout functionality are also there which uses jwt token to verify user when posting for getting confidential data. Tech stack : React, typescript, Tailwind Css, materiaUi, mobx, nodejs, express, mongodb
Pathfinding algorithms
Finds the path between two points. Description: In this project, there are two points on a grid (50*50) start point and endpoint. We can find the path between two points using 2 algorithms i.e. dijkstra algorithm and depth first search algorithm. Using the Dijkstra algorithm it finds the shortest path between two points. It starts with the first points and travels around its neighbours and and updates the distance by +1. From the neighbours, it takes the shortest neighbour point and repeats the same thing until the endpoint is encountered. Using the Depth first search algorithm it finds the path between two points but not the shortest path. It uses the dfs algorithms to find the path between two points. We can draw obstacles like walls between the two points. Tech stack: React
Notes app
In this project we can make a note, we can edit that note, we can mark it as complete, we can delete that note too. The notes contain the category such as personal, office, etc., and are placed in that section accordingly. Tech stack: React, tailwind css
Drag and drop
Drag and drop features without third party Description: In the drag n drop project there are items which are of different categories, we can drag those items from there and we can place those items in the category they belong to, for example, shopping, entertainment, food. We can add items. Tech stack : React, Tailwind Css, Typescript