Chhavi Puri

Senior Software Engineer - II
A full-stack developer focused on developing web apps and APIs and I am always enthusiastic in learning new technologies.
Django rest framework
The Most Amazing...
....that I have done is to work on an app that connects teachers, students, and other citizens with security officials and medical personnel to report suspects' locations and injuries during any critical event.
Interest & Expertise
  • Learning new technologies
  • Creating dashboard apps
  • Developing REST APIs
  • Developing web applications
Frontend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Python
Version Control
GitLab, GitHub
Project Management
JIRA, Trello
State Management
Redux, MobX
Cloud Services
Query Language
Azure DevOps
Visual Studio Code
AWS Amplify
Delivery App
A delivery app that delivers food, grocery, and other essentials and picks and sends packages straight to your door instantly. Also, I worked on the restaurant app for the same app.
Technologies used are React, Firebase, and Redux.
Online examination app
A web app which enables the examiner to add exams and the examinee can select and take a computer adaptive test. Technologies used are React in frontend; node and express in backend with pgsql as db.
Critical event response app
A web application that helps police and medical services to respond quickly during mass shootings and other critical events. Technologies used in frontend: React and Redux and backend: Django rest framework.
Crowd Funding App
A mobile app (IOS and android) that enables users to raise funds online for different causes such as medical emergencies and other social causes. A user can create a campaign after signing up and invite people to it. While creating a campaign a user can add a video and write a description using the in-app editor.
Technologies used are React Native, Redux, and REST APIs.
Food Ordering App
A React Native Food Ordering App using Firebase as a backend, which helps the user to order food online just like Zomato and Swiggy. User can add items to cart and order them later. Users can also make payments.