Chamarthy Naga Sai Sriram

Chamarthy Naga Sai Sriram

Software Engineer
A full-stack developer with experience in React, React Native, NodeJS. Passionate about mobile development with an eye for detail. Worked on some of the most complex UI/UX and a Machine-Learning enthusiast.

The most amazing...

.... … thing I have made is a program that uses a camera to identify the objects in real-time and their placement with respect to the camera which can help the visually disabled.

Interest & Expertise

  • Functional programming patterns
  • Mobile Application development
  • Machine Learning
  • Object Oriented designs
  • Data Science



MySQL, MongoDB, HTML5 Web Storage

Backend Framework & Library


Frontend Framework & Library



JavaScript, Java, Python, C++, TypeScript

Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub

Project Management


CSS pre-processor



VS Code

State Management

Redux, Redux Saga, Redux (with Saga and Thunk)

Design Tools


Cloud Services



XCode, Android Studio


Exercise Based App

A React.Js application that helps users to get cured of problems. Users get different playlists based on problems faced and get consulted by the coach.

Food Order

An app is similar to swiggy in which a user can place an order from restaurants and track it.

Discord Clone

An app clone of discord where users can log in and create or chat in the available rooms.

Snapchat Clone

An app in which users can click pictures with the device camera and send it to others.

Crowd Funding App

A mobile app (iOS and Android) which enables users to raise funds for different causes and help the needy while keeping track of the funds and their usage. Technologies used are React Native, Redux, REST APIs.