Feb 14, 2024

Unveiling Hidden Gems: Underrated Features that Could Elevate Dating Apps

Explore the future of dating apps and learn about 10 innovative features that go beyond swiping, offering a more meaningful and personalized dating experience.
Anmol Gupta
Anmol GuptaBusiness Analyst

Swiping and matching have become standard for dating apps. Some apps, like OKCupid and Harmony, focus on matching algorithms or features such as compatibility scores, but these features do not translate well to apps.

So, what other features must you include if you want to penetrate the dating market where 6,000+ apps are already vying for attention? That is what we are discussing in this article.

In this article, we will explore some lesser-known features that could be implemented in dating apps to make the quest for love more enjoyable, meaningful, and successful.

10 Innovative Features to Build A Market-loved Dating App Experience

1. Date Idea Generator

A date idea generator could help users plan unique and enjoyable outings. By inputting preferences and location, the app could suggest creative date ideas, making it easier for users to plan memorable experiences.

2. Virtual Dating Environments

With the rise of virtual reality (VR) technology, dating apps could introduce virtual dating environments. Users could create avatars and go on virtual dates, making the experience more immersive and allowing for creative date ideas, even when distance separates potential matches.

3. Interest-Based Group Activities

Rather than solely focusing on one-on-one connections, dating apps could promote group activities based on shared interests. Users could join or create groups centered around hobbies like hiking, cooking, or gaming, fostering connections through common passions.

4. Relationship Progress Tracking

Implementing a feature that helps users track the progress of their relationships could be highly beneficial. This could include milestones like first messages, phone calls, dates, and anniversaries. Such tracking can help users celebrate their journey and reflect on their growth together.

5. Video Profile Verification

To enhance safety and authenticity, dating apps could encourage users to verify their profiles through video verification. This would help reduce the prevalence of fake profiles and create a more trustworthy environment for all users.

6. Relationship Goal Setting

Allowing users to set and share their relationship goals could encourage more meaningful connections. Users could align with those who share their relationship aspirations, whether someone is seeking casual dating, a committed partnership, or marriage.

7. Compatibility Quizzes and Assessments

Dating apps often rely on algorithms to match users, but adding a feature that allows users to take compatibility quizzes or assessments could provide a more personalized experience.

These quizzes could delve into personality traits, values, and lifestyle choices, helping users find matches that align with their preferences on a deeper level.

8. In-App Relationship Counseling

Recognizing that dating can be challenging and emotionally taxing, dating apps could offer in-app access to relationship counselors or therapists. Users could seek guidance on communication, conflict resolution, or any relationship issues they encounter.

9. Time Management Tools

Balancing dating with a busy life can be tough. Dating apps could provide time management tools, such as scheduling features, reminders for upcoming dates, and even mutual calendar sharing to simplify the process.

10. Enhanced Privacy Controls

Privacy is a top concern for many dating app users. Offering more granular privacy controls, such as the ability to hide profiles from certain groups of users (e.g., coworkers or acquaintances), could provide added peace of mind.

Please Note: Each new feature should address a specific need or pain point identified in the research phase. Consider technical, logistical, and user adoption challenges for each feature idea. Is it realistic to implement within budget and resource constraints?

We should also think about how each feature will scale with the user base — and while it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel, a fresh perspective is always good.

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Beyond Conventional Dating Apps

The dating app landscape is ripe for innovation. By implementing these underrated features, dating apps can evolve beyond the swipe-and-match paradigm, offering users more meaningful and personalized experiences. These features can help users find better matches and foster healthier and more authentic connections in the digital dating world. It is time for dating apps to explore the untapped potential of these hidden gems.

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