Feb 25, 2022

Tips To Ensure Client Success Via Collaboration

Sharing tips on how to work effectively with various teams and ensure great results for the clients!
Vaishali Anand
Vaishali AnandHead of Social and Community Marketing

When it comes to offering services, every company has multiple teams operating and it is necessary that they are collaborating and working towards a common goal. Starting from the sales team who is onboarding the client to the business analysts who take care of the client’s experience and documentation, they are required to follow the right communication practices and coordinate with each other. This ensures that the entire organization is functioning like a well-oiled machine. One of the teams that is sometimes overlooked in this process is the sales team who sources out the client and takes care of the onboarding process.

Here’s how we ensure that all teams are on the same page and the projects are a success through every stage:

Stage 1: Asking the right questions

Bringing the project to life and envisioning the app idea is only possible when we understand exactly what the client wants and their expectations of the outcome. While some have the exact specifications, others have a picture of what they want but they’re also open to experimenting with the product. To understand their exact needs, we rely on our sales team, business development team and sometimes even the technical team (designers and developers) to come together and form one consolidated understanding. In cases where the client is not clear about the scope, we ask questions like - What is your core product? Who would be using the app? What are their goals for installing the app? How many user types are there in this app? And by answering such simple questions, help them realize what they expect from us as a team to create the perfect product. 

Stage 3: Designing the product

When we have the correct requirements and after the plan has been set in place, the next course of action after agreeing to work with us is to begin the design phase. This is where the sales team works in tandem with the design team. We hear their ideas, try to get a sense of their targeted users, the kind of interface they are looking for and share the wireframes with them to give them an overall idea of what the app flow would be like. The design team is responsible for not only this but also performing competitor analysis, designing user flows and designing the UX of the app and considering any iterations needed.

Stage 4: Developing the application

In the next phase, our tech geniuses take over and execute the project to the client’s requirements. The sales team prepares a milestone plan considering the finalized designs and approved features from the client’s side and informs the development team of the same. Following this, the resource managers single out the right team to take the progress forward. After preparing this plan, the development team chooses the suitable tech stack for development before actually starting to write code and they are also responsible for creating tasks for all its members. Developers need to share their progress regularly with the sales team and the client as it helps a lot with course correction.

Stage 5: Closing the project

It’s important to note that a business analyst’s responsibility does not end just after the design and development phase. In addition to the design sprints and development, we also create a detailed PRD for your stakeholders alongside the business development team and also provide KT sessions to improve the engagement experience. We have a dedicated account manager who will work as the point of contact for all other matters outside the execution of the project and ensure the closure of the project. Throughout this process, the management is always on the sidelines, ready to jump in to smoothen out any hiccups and deliver a seamless experience.

Final Note

Our teams work together to help turn our clients’ dreams into reality and this article has been an exploration of how the sales team executes a project through great communication. This internal collaboration is vital for our success as a company; we want to ensure we continue to create the best products possible that our clients deserve. We take great pride in our work and we are fortunate to have talented people who understand our process and how to get the best results. Ultimately, it's this collaboration between our teams that has helped us to turn so many product visions into reality.

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