May 16, 2023

Perks of Hiring a Flutter Dev Team with Core-Contributors

Looking to build a Flutter app? Learn about the benefits of hiring a Flutter dev team with core contributors.
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As mobile technology advances, the demand for intuitive and high-performance applications continues to grow. Flutter, an open-source mobile application development framework, has gained immense popularity for its ability to create visually appealing and high-performance applications across different platforms. If you are considering building a mobile app using Flutter, then you should definitely consider hiring a Flutter dev team with core-contributors. These developers are known for their expertise, experience, and track record in the Flutter community. Working with them can bring numerous benefits to your project, making it even more successful.

Who Are The Flutter Core Contributors?

The flutter core contributors

A core contributor is not just any developer on the team; they are skilled and experienced developers who play a critical role in Flutter project development. They possess an in-depth understanding of the framework and significant experience in app development. Core contributors contribute meaningfully to critical project aspects such as architecture, design, testing, and deployment.

Identifying core contributors requires a deep understanding of the Flutter framework, its development practices, and its ecosystem. Core contributors are not just individuals who can write code. They are individuals who can design and implement complex solutions, debug and solve problems, and mentor other developers on the team.

The Role of Core-Contributors in a Flutter Project

Role of core-contributors in a Flutter project

Core contributors have a significant impact on the quality of the final product, ensuring that development practices adhere to the best standards and that the product is functional and error-free. Their responsibilities include:

  • Detailing project requirements
  • Designing and testing project aspects
  • Solving complex problems
  • Ensuring project delivery within set timelines
  • Ensuring that the development team follows the best practices and standards of the Flutter framework
  • Mentoring other developers on the team
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the Flutter ecosystem and following the best coding practices
  • Designing the project architecture to handle future changes and updates with ease
  • Ensuring that the project is well-documented, making it easy for other developers to understand and work on it

Identifying core contributors in a Flutter development team is crucial for the success of any mobile application development project. They are skilled and experienced developers who play a critical role in ensuring that the final product is functional, error-free, scalable, and maintainable. Identifying these developers requires a deep understanding of the Flutter framework, its development practices, and its ecosystem.

Benefits of Hiring a Flutter Dev Team with Core-Contributors

Benefits of hiring a flutter dev team with core-contributors

  1. Better App Performance and Quality Flutter core-contributors can leverage their deep understanding of Flutter and its architecture to deliver high-quality apps that are optimized for performance and scalability. They know how to write code that is efficient, clean, and easy to maintain, resulting in a better-performing app.
  2. Get the Latest Features and Updates Core-contributors are constantly developing new features and keeping the framework updated. Hiring a dev team with core-contributors ensures that your app has access to the latest features and technologies, making it more stable and robust.
  3. Fix Bugs and Resolve Issues Quickly Flutter core-contributors are very familiar with the codebase of Flutter since they are constantly working on it. This helps them to identify and fix issues quickly during app development, ensuring faster time to market and a fully functional app.
  4. Building a Stronger Dev Team Flutter core-contributors can train and mentor team members on the job, making for a strong dev team that creates a high-quality codebase for your app.
  5. Apps Built with Best Practices Core-contributors are usually involved in setting best practices and industry standards for Flutter app development. With core-contributors on your dev team, you get an app that is of top-notch quality, built according to these guidelines.
  6. Involvement in Ongoing Maintenance Flutter core-contributors can provide continuous updates and maintenance for your app post-launch. This ensures that your app remains future-proof and grows with your business.

How to Become a Core Contributor?

To become a core contributor, a developer must contribute to the Flutter project by fixing bugs, improving documentation, adding features, or helping with other areas of the project. They can do this by submitting pull requests (PRs) to the official Flutter GitHub repository, participating in discussions on the Flutter GitHub issues page, and engaging with the community. Becoming a core contributor is a difficult task, and it requires a high level of expertise and dedication.

Note: Hasnen Tai (Senior Software Engineer, GeekyAnts) recently became a core contributor to Flutter through his 3 Pull Requests to Flutter Repo on GitHub in which two were a new feature added to Flutter and One was a bug fix.

Hasnen Tai (Senior Software Engineer, GeekyAnts) recently became a core contributor to flutter

Links to PRs are listed below.

#119116 Feat:  - Exposed callback when user changes Date Picker Mode → Added margin parameter for MaterialBanner class
#119116 Feat: showDatePicker - Exposed callback when user changes Date Picker Mode → Exposed callback when user changes Date Picker mode for showDatePicker
#119225 Feat : TextField cursor color matching M2 and M3 Spec in error state → Matches TextField cursor color to M2 and M3 specs in error state

To become a core contributor, it is crucial to select an appropriate issue and develop a viable solution for review by the Core Flutter Team. If the solution has issues, you may be asked to improve the code quality or adjust code linting. Core contributors must also ensure that other functional features remain intact and unaffected by their proposed solution. Consequently, they must rigorously test their solution by creating widget or unit tests as necessary.

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When building a Flutter application, it is highly recommended to go for a dev team that has at least one core contributor to the framework. This will ensure faster development of the app and a better return on investment when the app is deployed.

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