Jun 30, 2023

June 2023 — Flutter Gauges, ChatGPT Challenge & Mangoes!!!

Welcome to our monthly wrap-up blog, where we recap the exciting events and accomplishments of GeekyAnts over the past month!
Sanna Samvedna Bara
Sanna Samvedna BaraCommunity Associate
Sanna Samvedna Bara
ChayanTechnical Content Writer

June was an exciting month for technology and innovation at GeekyAnts. Our immersion in AI cut helped us understand its significance better, sparking new ideas for innovation.

Big wins for our partners, mind-bending ChatGPT in-house experiments, and delectable mangoes made June 2023 a month to remember.

Let us dive in.

Revving the AI Engine 🚀

Our tinkering with artificial intelligence got a huge level up in June. We experimented with generative AI and integrations of OpenAI offerings with existing in-house products. The GeekyAnts devs also participated in a ChatGPT challenge. Here is a roundup and some behind-the-scenes details. 🔽

ChatGPT Challenge: Breaking Boundaries! 💥

Our brilliant Geeks stepped up to the plate and unleashed their creativity, harnessing the unexplored powers of ChatGPT.

The result? Groundbreaking products that are set to redefine the tech landscape. Here's a glimpse of what our ingenious team came up with:

  • HR bot — Simplifies HR functions like A, B, and C. Has the potential to automate repetitive tasks in the HR workflow to free HR teams for activities that generate better employee satisfaction and company image.
  • Database Generator — Allows developers to focus on their project's core functionalities by streamlining the creation and maintenance of databases for various project categories. It offers intelligent feature suggestions, automated database creation, simple English commands for modification, migration file generation, and intelligent intent recognition.
  • FitnessGPT — Marries AI and fitness goals to guide users on their health and fitness journeys. Offers personalized features like customized meal plans, tailored exercise routines, and a comprehensive calorie counter.

Meet-Ups: Magic with Springwork’s Albus! 🗣️


All Things AI was the theme for our June Meet-up at the GeekyAnts HQ. The speakers shared their ongoing experiments with AI and what they feel the future will be like. Springworks CEO Karthik Mandaville’s demo of Albus, their HR Slack integration for an innovative workspace search tool, was a key highlight of the event.

Other talks spoke on our R&D activities to help us and our partners make the best use of AI in the coming months:

🖥️ Intelligent Chatbots with Better Natural Language Processing — A great way to enhance the user experience by amplifying advanced models like BERT and GPT.

🧪 Personalized Tech Stack Recommendations — Titled under Tech Tonic, it provided an insight into how smart algorithms and machine learning capabilities can simplify tech stack selection.

CEO Springworks

Latest Open Source Contribution: Flutter Gauges

Flutter Guages

Drumroll, please! We are thrilled to announce the release of Flutter Gauges, our latest open-source contribution to the tech community. Thanks to our dedicated Flutter core contributors, we completed this project at lightning speed.

Here are the key highlights:

  • 🎨 Re-architected LinearGauge: We've enhanced performance and achieved smoother rendering, taking the user experience to new heights.
  • 🔍 Inspect with Dart DevTools: Easily debug and analyze gauges using the powerful Dart DevTools.
  • 🖱️ Added pointer interactivity: Now, users can interact with the gauges, providing a dynamic and engaging experience.
  • 🔗 Widget pointers for visual cues: Create dynamic connections and visual cues with our widget pointers.
  • 🎯 Improved rendering and flexibility: By treating each element as a RenderObject, we've improved rendering efficiency and provided greater flexibility.
  • 🔄 Sneak Peek: RadialGauge [Pre-Release]: We constantly push boundaries. Keep an eye out for the upcoming release of RadialGauge, perfect for developing speedometers and much more.

Check it out today:

🔗 GitHub: CLICK HERE | 🔗 PubDev: CLICK HERE  | 🔗 Playground: CLICK HERE

How Can It Help Businesses/Companies

Flutter Gauges provides powerful data visualization tools that enable businesses to gain deeper insights into their data. Utilizing a variety of charts, graphs, and other visual aids, businesses can better understand and analyze their data to make informed decisions.

In addition to its business applications, Flutter Gauges can also be utilized in healthcare settings to present information related to patient outcomes, hospital metrics, and other healthcare-related data.

Success Highlight: Reaching 1 MILLION+ Concurrent User Capacity 🚀

SaaS client reaching 1 million concurrency

Our partnership with a SaaS giant resulted in a web app that could handle over 1 million concurrent users while saving 5000+ hours of development time.

Here is a summary of how we achieved the success:

  • We developed a SaaS suite for customer support, featuring a stable and reliable iframe widget that integrates seamlessly into any site.
  • With a user-friendly interface, embedding the widget has always been challenging, ensuring a smooth customer experience reminiscent of top-tier platforms like Intercom.
  • Our efforts led to savings of up to 5000+ hours in development costs for the client while empowering their support agents to manage interactions, even in high-volume scenarios, effortlessly.
  • Integrating the app widget takes just one line of code and can be done in under 30 minutes!

For full details, check out the dedicated case study: CLICK HERE

Behind the Scenes: Magical Mangoes, Pizza Parties and Prizes 🎉

Parties at GeekyAnts

We strike a perfect balance between hard work and play. Last month was a whirlwind of excitement as we celebrated our team's dedication and accomplishments with a series of memorable events.

Here is a glimpse into the fun we had:

  • Pizza Party: Picture the aroma of freshly baked pizzas filling the air as we indulge in a lively Pizza Party. Laughter and camaraderie flowed freely as we enjoyed delicious slices together.
  • Award Ceremony: Recognizing exceptional talent is vital to us. We held a grand Award Ceremony to honour the outstanding contributions of our team members. It was a night of applause, appreciation, and celebration.
  • Mango Fest: To savour the sweet taste of summer, we embraced the vibrant spirit of the season with a delightful Mango Fest.

In July: DevOps, More AI, and Digital Transformation 🌟

We have an exciting lineup of events and initiatives to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the month. Here's a sneak peek of what have brewing:

  • DevOps Meetup: We're kicking off the month with a DevOps meetup. Join us as we explore the latest trends and best practices in DevOps.
  • AI-related GeekSpeaks: Our experts are gearing up to present a series of GeekSpeaks focused on the boundless possibilities of artificial intelligence.
  • Digital Transformation Initiatives: We're embracing the digital era with transformative initiatives that’ll revolutionize every aspect of our company. From streamlined workflows to enhanced customer experiences, our digital transformation efforts aim to elevate our operations to new heights of efficiency and innovation.
  • Livestream on Web Components: Get ready for real-time connection and engagement as we introduce livestream web components. This exciting addition allows us to share valuable knowledge, host interactive sessions, and provide virtual experiences that transcend geographical boundaries. Join us on this digital journey that breaks barriers and connects us in unprecedented ways.

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Ciao 👋🏼!!!

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