May 24, 2023

Decoding the GeekyAnts R&D Methodology

Explore our research and development methods, learn about the thought process behind our innovative projects and open-source contributions, and discover our plans for the future in this insightful article.
Aswathy A
Aswathy AChief Marketing Officer

Who Are We?

We at GeekyAnts are a team of smart tech enthusiasts and problem-solvers. Our talented designers and developers build functional, efficient and scalable custom software applications, tools and frameworks. We have over 17 years of experience, have collaborated with hundreds of clients worldwide and are partners with Google, AWS, Vercel, and GitHub.

Our love for innovation and experimentation has always helped us find unique, creative ways of working around roadblocks. We utilize our expertize in various technologies and frameworks, including Next.js, React Native, Flutter, Vue.js, Angular, Laravel, Node.js, Python, Firebase, AWS, and GraphQL. We are an integral part of the tech community and are open-source contributors to React Native and Flutter.

The Inspiration Behind Our R&D Processes

At the centre of everything we do lies our community-centric spirit and a zeal to create solutions and answers to the problems we face. As a tech company, we have always been keen to understand and discover market gaps, what users really want, and the challenges developers and designers face. Each of our innovations has been inspired by a desire to bridge and solve such problems in the most straightforward way possible. A better look at some of our most popular projects will explain this idea further.

Beginning Our Journey With StrapUI

One of our initial projects, StrapUI, was born as we attempted to find a solution to a problem we were facing as an app development company. Created with the aim of helping developers with their dashboard-related needs, StrapUI is a collection of premium admin dashboard themes and templates built on top of ReactJS and NextJS. You can just select your theme and start without building from scratch!

StrapUI - React.js and Next.js Themes

Going Open-source with Our Start Websites

Inspired by the gradual success of StrapUI, we decided to take the same idea and apply it to different tech stacks, thus creating our start websites. Unlike StrapUI, start websites were completely free and open-source. Our Start Angular, Start LaravelStart ReactStart MeteorStart Ruby on RailsStart Vue, and Start Flutter websites gained instant popularity and created quite a stir within the dev community.

And Then Came NativeBase

Around 2015, we started to develop UI screens from the initial documentation of React Native. NativeBase Startup+ was built for sharing our learnings with the community. Our next open-source initiative, NativeBase, was created as we tried to make beautiful, completely customizable user interfaces for mobile using React Native. NativeBase is a universal UI component library for React and React Native.

With over 16k GitHub stars, NativeBase was used to create the official 2018 Paralympics app. KitchenSink and NativeBase Customiser helped users to understand, navigate, and utilize NativeBase better. All the noise that NativeBase created since its launch is still far from dying out.

NativeBase- Universal Components for React & React Native

Having Fun with Vue Native

Moving out of the React Native space, Vue Native was launched as a GeekyAnts side project. Vue Native could transpile Vue code to React Native code. This open-source framework for building cross-platform native apps started out as a fun project without a focus on solving any particular problem and saw its fair share of success in the community.

What About Flutter?

We started working and experimenting with Flutter, the new UI kit kid on the block. Our efforts paid off when we collaborated with Google on the official Flutter documentation. Not to forget, we were judges at Google’s Flutter Create 5k competition. Also, we have our own Flutter Learn for interested beginners. Did we mention that we currently have Flutter core contributors on our team? Also, we have our own Flutter Learn for interested beginners. If you have an application idea in mind and want to use Flutter to develop it, you know who the experts are!

Making Our Efforts into Products

Following the popularity of our open-source efforts and the reach these projects got us, we shifted focus to creating sellable products using all our favorite tech-stacks. NativeBase Market (React Native), Flutter Market (Flutter), and Vue Native Market (Vue Native) are just some of the marketplaces we built, which have a range of pre-built starter apps for anyone to buy, customize as they want, and get started. From ride-booking to e-commerce apps, our marketplaces offer variety of great app options to choose from. Our products got a lot of attention and eventually many great reviews from users.

It was in the same spirit of experimentation and creating something new that we worked on BuilderX, a design tool that can code React and React Native for you.

Some of Our More Recent Projects

Solving Recruitment Problems for Ourselves and for Everyone with AI and Topgeek

Topgeek was created to solve hiring process woes for our recruiters and applicants while saving time. Our in-house hiring tool uses OpenAI language models such as ChatGPT to automate several steps in the interview process. Topgeek can automatically create job openings, formulate interview questions, and score the answers, even in cases involving code! Our experiments with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning paid off with this project.

Confused About Design Systems? Look No Further than GeekLego

As a design studio, we wanted to bridge the need for more consistency and collaboration between teams when designing and developing digital products. GeekLego works as a single source of truth for logos, brands, documentation, and more. Over a short span of time, GeekLego has become a client-approved solution for a standardized, time and cost-efficient design system.

GeekLego -Build Design systems

And Then Came Gluestack

Gluestack evolved as an answer to a decade-long problem we were facing as an app development consultancy company. We quickly realized that building modern web and mobile apps comes with the challenge of selecting the right tools and tech stacks from a vast selection of choices in the market. We also noted a lack of standardization of practices in app development projects.

Gluestack is a completely open-source full-stack framework that suggests the best tech stacks for any dev project, back-end included. It will make the job of developers tremendously easier. We are currently following the success of our project and are excited to see the value that we know it will add to the market.

Gluestack -one full-stack framework to build mobile, web app development

Looking Towards the Future

As we progress, we are looking into the latest AI innovations and how to integrate them into our products and services. We continue to grow and modify our research approaches through the meetups, events, and conferences we host and attend. We work for and collaborate with businesses of varying scales, solve complex challenges, and offer better-than-before services to end users. 

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