Customizable E‑commerce Web App

If you’re looking to build an e-commerce application designed to perform all the essential functions, then don’t build it from scratch. Shoppes has all the necessary features to save you hundreds of development hours. 

Product Design

UI of ecommerce web app

Customizable E-commerce Web App

Our customizable E-commerce web app clone has features for users and sellers. Functionality and ease of usage were top priorities when creating Shoppes.

The app includes customer panel components for buyers and an admin panel for sellers. Every screen of our customizable e-commerce web app is designed according to the latest trends and can be customized to create your e-commerce app.

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Main Modules

and Sign-out Interfaces

Easy entry and exit for users

Social media Integration

Speeds up onboarding and setting up profiles

Product Details

Sort by categories like by price, category, offers, and promotions

Shipment Tracking

Real-time order tracking and notifications

Shipping Information

Real-time updates from major shipping companies like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Australian Post

Push Notifications

Push notifications for updates, new offers, and promotions

Ratings and Reviews

Interfaces for users to provide feedback

Orders Management

Vendors can monitor orders and make changes during all stages of the lifecycle

Catalog Administration

Vendors can manage displays of products from a single dashboard

Vendor Registration

Vendors can view membership plans and collect information like  commission fees and product limits

Manage Delivery Locations

Enables sellers to filter products according to availability and notify users

Reports on Vendor Accounts

Gives all order-specific transaction information — commission amounts, marketplace fees, net payment amounts, and shipping costs. 

Upload of Products

Vendors can easily submit product images and alter product details using our multi-vendor marketplace system, allowing them to make changes to offers in real-time.

Inventory Management

Interface for organizing and updating inventory, which can be retrieved from external databases

Efficient Product Management

Easily add photographs, descriptions, prices, and other details to customizable categories

Realtime Alerts

Alerts for order fulfillment and delivery of orders

Superior Reports

Custom reports to manage operations

User Management

Assign team members as managers, editors, or co-admins

Rewards and Promotions

Manage the offers and discounts of the app from one dashboard


E-commerce web development solutions are designed to help businesses sell products or services online. Our fully customizable e-commerce web app — Shoppes is packed with helpful widgets that make running an e-commerce platform simple.

Interactive Theme

Admins can choose from various templates and color schemes to create a unique and visually appealing shopping experience for customers. The theme can be easily modified to match the brand identity and give the store a professional appearance.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Useful if you sell products or services internationally, as different payment gateways may be preferred in different countries. Also improves the shopping experience for the customers and increases the chances of making a sale.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Sellers can send push notifications as many as required to showcase their offers and products. Each notification can be personalized.

Enhanced Layered Navigation

This feature can be helpful for large online stores as it helps customers narrow their search and find the specific items they want. Enhanced layered navigation can include options such as price range, color, size, and material.

Open-source App

An open-source app increases cost savings, as there is no need to pay for a proprietary license. It is also more flexible and easy to implement improvements, thanks to a large community.

Fingerprint Sign-in

Allows customers to access their accounts using their fingerprints. This feature improves user experience by making sign-ins one tap and increases the app's security.

Voice Search

This feature can be handy for customers on the go or who prefer to use their voice to interact with technology. Sellers can ensure they capture voice users as their audience.

Quick Checkout

Quick checkout in an e-commerce app allows customers to complete their purchases quickly and efficiently. This can reduce dropouts during the purchasing phase and increase sales.

Technologies Used

We used a combination of tech stacks to create a fast application with great UI and UX.



Used for automatic code splitting, server-side rendering, and static site generation. It helps improve website performance and search engine optimization (SEO).



This is used for better type-checking and code completion. It gives more reliable and maintainable code as it can catch type-related errors at compile-time instead of runtime.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS

This is for styling the UI component. This utility-first CSS framework makes it easier to design responsive and customizable user interfaces.



Used to build, test, and document UI components in an organized and consistent way. It can also be used to test and showcase UI components in isolation.



Used for user authentication and user management. This works in conjunction withTHe Next.js framework we are using in the application.

Redux Toolkit

Redux Toolkit

This is for state management. It is a set of utilities and tools that make it easier to manage state in React applications.



Used as the database. It is a relational database system that provides excellent data integrity and scalability.



This was for handling databases in a type-safe way. It enables easy interaction with the database query-building API.



This is to interact with the platform and build custom functionality. The platform simplifies scaling and customizing online stores.



This is for the content management system(CMS). It simplifies building and managing content-rich websites and applications.



Used for building and testing GraphQL schemas in JavaScript. It’s set of tools and utilities make it easier to build and manage GraphQL APIs.

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What will be the cost of developing a custom e-commerce web app like Amazon?

The cost of developing a custom e-commerce web app like Amazon, or Walmart can vary widely and will depend on several factors, such as the features and functionalities required, the complexity of the project, and the development team's experience and expertise.

As a rough estimate, it can cost anywhere between 15-50k USD to develop a custom e-commerce web app.

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