Customizable E‑commerce Web App

If you’re looking to build an e-commerce application designed to perform all the essential functions, then don’t build it from scratch. Shoppes has all the necessary features to save you hundreds of development hours. 

Customizable E‑commerce Web App

Product Design

UI of ecommerce web app

Customizable E-commerce Web App

Our customizable E-commerce web app clone has features for users and sellers. Functionality and ease of usage were top priorities when creating Shoppes.

The app includes customer panel components for buyers and an admin panel for sellers. Every screen of our customizable e-commerce web app is designed according to the latest trends and can be customized to create your e-commerce app.

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Main Modules

and Sign-out Interfaces

Easy entry and exit for users

Social media Integration

Speeds up onboarding and setting up profiles

Product Details

Sort by categories like by price, category, offers, and promotions

Shipment Tracking

Real-time order tracking and notifications

Shipping Information

Real-time updates from major shipping companies like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Australian Post

Push Notifications

Push notifications for updates, new offers, and promotions

Ratings and Reviews

Interfaces for users to provide feedback

Orders Management

Vendors can monitor orders and make changes during all stages of the lifecycle

Catalog Administration

Vendors can manage displays of products from a single dashboard

Vendor Registration

Vendors can view membership plans and collect information like  commission fees and product limits

Manage Delivery Locations

Enables sellers to filter products according to availability and notify users

Reports on Vendor Accounts

Gives all order-specific transaction information — commission amounts, marketplace fees, net payment amounts, and shipping costs. 

Upload of Products

Vendors can easily submit product images and alter product details using our multi-vendor marketplace system, allowing them to make changes to offers in real-time.

Inventory Management

Interface for organizing and updating inventory, which can be retrieved from external databases

Efficient Product Management

Easily add photographs, descriptions, prices, and other details to customizable categories

Realtime Alerts

Alerts for order fulfillment and delivery of orders

Superior Reports

Custom reports to manage operations

User Management

Assign team members as managers, editors, or co-admins

Rewards and Promotions

Manage the offers and discounts of the app from one dashboard

Build Your Own E-commerce App with GeekyAnts

Now, you don’t have to build your e-commerce app from scratch. We can help save your time and cost by creating your app on top of Shoppes.

100% themeable
100% themeable
2x faster development
2x faster development
50% cost reduction
50% cost reduction
Plug-and-play features
Plug-and-play features

Want to Customise

This E-commerce App to Suit Your Business Needs?

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