Avibhav Choudhary

Software Engineer- II
An enthusiastic self-taught developer with an interest in building mobile and web apps. I am always curious about these technologies like how they work and what we can build out of them. I have tried my hands on both mobile and web app development. Passionate about learning new things, I try to keep challenging my abilities to be a better version of myself.
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, Proposed a solution to the Council of science and technology (U.P) under the sanitation category and got selected. Built a whole android app without having any prior knowledge of the technology, learned various things in between, and was able to deliver the things on time.
Interest & Expertise
  • Mobile and web ecosystem
  • Cloud technologies
  • Personal development
  • Informative conversations
  • Got selected by the Council of science and technology(U.P) and received a grant to build the solution.
MySQL,MongoDB,Sequelize ORM
Backend Framework & Library
State Management
Redux,Redux Saga,Zustand
Cloud Services
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
Query Language
Frontend Framework & Library
Community App
The social media platform was built using react-native(Mobile app), I have worked on various things in this project some of them are working with the chat module and developing the required features for the client. Integrated the push-notification service in the app to update the user about each and every activity, Designed and developed the OTP-based login method.
Office Workspace
Worked on a NextJS app that provides coworking spaces and a virtual shared working environment to the users. I worked on integrating a 3rd party loyalty service provider and customized it according to the client’s requirements. Developed a fresh loyalty module within the current app according to the business needs.
Clean City
A clean city is an app that allows users to register complaints regarding the waste that is being dumped on the roads of the society and also regarding any other unhygienic things which need to be cleaned up by the sweepers. It is an app by which you can directly register a complaint to the sanitation officer. This app was built using Native Android and firebase.
E-commerce App
This app was built in my learning phase when I was trying to learn to react and other technologies, This app allows users to buy products and admins to add the products on the site and has the functionality of payment as well, adding products to the cart, etc. It is a MERN stack application.