Ashok Kumar B

Ashok Kumar B

Software Testing Engineer
Curious about learning new technologies and like to solve problems creatively.

The most amazing...

.... I have worked under client places and resolved application-related bugs in their presence only.

Interest & Expertise

  • Manual Testing
  • Expert in resolving all types of bugs
  • Keen to learn new technology
  • Web & Mobile Application Testing


  • I worked 4 years in Startup company and I got best employee award in 2 times in my career.


PataShala ERP

Patashala ERP is an application related to Schools and colleges. In this project, I will test the application both web and android end to end, and deliver the new requirements to the client. After preparing the bug Report sheet then every time connecting with the concerned developer until clearing all the bugs.


AmruthaShala is a Food-based product. In this project, I will test both web and mobile applications in different categories like User, Admin, Franchise, Vendor related modules.

Vudutha Employee

Vudutha Employee Application is used to perform the employee-related details like Attendance, Leave, etc, using this we can update the status anywhere based on location.