Anmol Jain

Anmol Jain

Trainee Software Engineer
A full-stack developer focused on front-end as well as solving complex programming problems in mobile as well as web development.

The most amazing...

... used native programming (objective C coding) to connect and print using a Bluetooth printer.

Interest & Expertise

  • Responsive UI apps
  • Complex Data structures
  • Hybrid apps
  • Competitive problem solving
  • Reading


  • UI Development Competition- Secured first position



MySQL, MongoDB

Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js

Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, Next.js, Ant Design

Mobile Framework & Library

React Native


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Java, C++

Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket

Project Management

JIRA, Trello

State Management

Redux, Mobx-state-tree

User Interface Design


Cloud Services



Parcel monitoring and printing Mobile App

Mobile app for users to monitor their parcels status, label printing, scanning barcodes, etc. Users can scan or enter their barcode to check its status and also print them from the store. Native programming has been used in this project for printing features in android and ios.

Fitness App for managing coach and client data

A web app for fitness gurus. Gym trainers can assign workout and diet plans to their users. They can also monitor their everyday performance which the user enters from his/her mobile app. Firebase real-time database is used as a backend for maintaining all data related to a coach or client.

Online Wallet cashback based mobile app

A mobile app that gives Cashback on visiting a bar/restaurant to their users with a notification system that displays bills and their cashback amount. React-Native is used in this project in frontend and in the backend, firebase has been used. All transactions are handled by admin using its counterpart web app.

App to improve Effectiveness of HealthCare organization

Organisation Management API’s that keep track of patient-focused initiatives by individual team, the contribution of an individual with each organization having some objective to achieve using Express.js, MySQL.

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