Ankur Kumar Prajapati

UI Developer
Software developer with Focus on Frontend Development. Loves to Build Projects with Good UI And Provide Value to End users.
Frontend Developer
The Most Amazing...
....Delivered Public Facing Websites with Heavy Focus in Pixel Perfect Design.
Interest & Expertise
  • Web Development
  • Responsive Mobile First Design
  • Web Animation Libraries
  • Badminton
  • Conducted Quiz Competition in College Fest For Large Number of Students successfully, Primarily Focusing on Programming and GK Genre.
Frontend Framework & Library
CSS pre-processor
User Interface Design
Query Language
Project Management App
Application Built for Keeping Track of Projects. A responsive Web App built using ReactJS and Tailwind. Powered by Firestore based backend and Google cloud functions. The app helps the project owner to estimate and manage various projects. Users can Sign-In using Google Account. Users can quickly access the project by making use of tags, advanced search, with various other filter options. Ability to add/ edit project details. Even users can share projects with other users by giving them different Roles e.g Commentator or Editor. Tech Stack : ReactJS , Firebase , Tailwind , Redux Toolkit , Redux Saga.
Showcase website
Showcase website for SpaceX Rockets and Past Launches using SpaceX GraphQL API. A Website inspired by SpaceX official website which uses Official SpaceX GraphQL API to Pull Data. Shows Top 3 Rockets Along With Their Details Pages. You can see past launches With Image Gallery. Added Reveal Animation When Scrolling through the website. Also Implemented Lottie Animation For Loading Screen. Tech Stack : ReactJS , Apollo Client, SCSS.
Breaking Bad
Showcase website for Breaking Bad Characters. First Website Built with Gatsby To Understand Static Site Generation(SSG). Used Breaking Bad API as Data Source. Added Search Functionality to Search Through Characters. Client Side Pagination To View More Characters And Each Character has their Specific Details Page, Which are Static Pages Generated by Gatsby. Hence its SEO Friendly. Tech Stack : GatsbyJS , CSS.